Honda Civic EG Estilo 1993 // Riswan Rusdiansyah’s Honda Persona


There was a day when we get bored of what we used to do. It was a call that we’ve finally made to make thing better between the ROLLEDLIFE teams and to keep contribute on Indonesian Car Culture. So this time, we finally agreed to make a car videos that looks alike a documentary. It’s our first try. But we want to make it awesome. So then we called our good friend, Riswan Rusdiansyah that we features his Honda Civic Ferio previously to make another features but with his other car build, his pristine Honda Civic EG (Estilo) 1993 Non V-TEC.

Honda Civic JDM Riswan Rusdiansyah-3

Honda Civic JDM Riswan Rusdiansyah-4

Honda Civic JDM Riswan Rusdiansyah-1

There’s something that you guys really need to know. There’s many obstacles on featuring this car. Like the poor weather, our friend Azka that got hit by a reckless bikers while on the way to the shooting locations, and many obstacles that we’ve met during the shoot of this car. But we really thankful that the video and photo shoot went well.

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In loved with 90s Japanese Cars charisma makes Riswan Rusdiansyah began to interested on building some of Japanese most favorite products. Honda Civic was one of his major choice on modifying cars. As an enthusiast, we asked Riswan on how could he chose Honda as his companion. The majority of the parts and the timeless shape of Japanese craftmanship was making Riswan in loved with Honda. Not to mention the efficiency of the engine, the Honda Civic also can make some fun

Honda Civic JDM Riswan Rusdiansyah-16

Honda Civic JDM Riswan Rusdiansyah-17

Honda Civic JDM Riswan Rusdiansyah-55

On building cars, we’ve seen Riswan Rusdiansyah as a pure enthusiast. Lots of high quality parts yet rare was applied on this car. We realize that personalizing a car from scratch was not easy. It needs a lot of dedications, also lots of money to put into this. Of course this is not a Ferrari or Lamborghini, nor a Nissan GTR or a Lancer Evolution. But this Honda Civic EG was a different beautiful creatures to look at. Especially with the perfect touch of the owner will make the car stands out among others

You may realize that the market price of the used Honda Estilo are skyrocketing nowadays. It’s true that this car getting cooler as it’s getting rare on the streets. Many JDM enthusiast was looking for it and the aftermarket parts was still available abroad. That’s what makes the car cool. You know, not just the wheels that makes the car. But the parts that makes the car, literally 😛


Honda Civic JDM Riswan Rusdiansyah-51

Honda Civic JDM Riswan Rusdiansyah-52

Honda Civic JDM Riswan Rusdiansyah-24

Modifying a car to make it stands out or making different yet unique is an usual story. let’s put crazy ideas with many stacks of money would make it wicked than ever. But, Making a car that both good looking yet drive-able and fun to drive it was a different story. Riswan also admit that it was harder than just to make it look ‘stance’ or what so ever.It tooks a lot of effort. Finding the parts both local and abroad, waiting for it to be shipped, also lots of money spent was quite hard.

But the good thing is, Any story related to this car he enjoyed it.

Honda Civic JDM Riswan Rusdiansyah-49

Honda Civic JDM Riswan Rusdiansyah-54

Honda Civic JDM Riswan Rusdiansyah-38

The Journey with this car was also not as smooth as you may imagines. Riswan admitted that once he bought this car, he blown the engine that causing him to change the engine block. Collecting the interiors as he wanted also hard. Like for now, he still restoring the interiors just to make it looks good based on his standards.

Honda Civic JDM Riswan Rusdiansyah-28

Honda Civic JDM Riswan Rusdiansyah-9

We took Riswan’s story as an example of a good enthusiast. A purist maybe. We also believed that the good quality of the parts will make it looks good also. So we keep support the quality of the build yet the originality of the parts like Riswan did to his cars. Anyway, another thing that make the story looks interesting. We’ve seen that Riswan really enjoys with his build by collecting the parts and put it step by step. Enjoys every miles spent with it. Not just to build it to maximum and sell it to another person. Good job, man!


In the making of the video was quite challenging. First we need to took a video at night with minimum lightning equipment, minimum rigging equipment, yet we can make it through.

Honda Civic JDM Riswan Rusdiansyah-12

Honda Civic JDM Riswan Rusdiansyah-11

Honda Civic JDM Riswan Rusdiansyah-47

Actually the formation of this shoot was just Me, Iman, and Ano (Tonan). With my APSC camera, Iman’s mirrorless cam, and Ano’s full frame equipment, we divided the team into 2 yet with lots of work to come. Me and Iman for taking the videos, and Tonan who fully in charge on taking beautiful pictures. Azka also came by to the locations just to support us if we have any trouble on the streets.

Honda Civic JDM Riswan Rusdiansyah-57

At first we’re rendezvous at groceries stores near Veteran, Jakarta Selatan. Then, we cruise around Senopati, through Blok-M

Honda Civic JDM Riswan Rusdiansyah-30

Honda Civic JDM Riswan Rusdiansyah-36

Honda Civic JDM Riswan Rusdiansyah-37

Honda Civic JDM Riswan Rusdiansyah-31

Honda Civic JDM Riswan Rusdiansyah-32
then goes to Cuci.In Car Wash to wash the car after a heavy rain.

Honda Civic JDM Riswan Rusdiansyah-42

After the car had been cleaned up, we go to a perfect spot with a good lightning for an interview,-a gas station!

Honda Civic JDM Riswan Rusdiansyah-43

Honda Civic JDM Riswan Rusdiansyah-50

But unfortunately, we didn’t have permission to take the interview. So, to respect the securities there, we moved the Interview to the day after. Hopefully our goodfriend Audi Wajong from Cleaners Auto Spa allowed us to shoot the interviews there. Big thanks to the big man!

Honda Civic JDM Riswan Rusdiansyah-59
As you can see, Audi was describing something really big 😛

Honda Civic JDM Riswan Rusdiansyah-60

AAAAAAAAAANDD, That’s a wrap!


Honda Civic JDM Riswan Rusdiansyah-56

Finally, it has come to an end. A very tiring long-weekend that took 2 days for making this up and lots of retiring night for Iman Kurniawan for editing. We hope this will contribute well to Indonesian Car Culture and also to inform to the world, that our culture was growing fast and yet many more to come.

Wailan Hizkia Rawung



Nardi steering wheels
OEM EG6 speedometer
OEM EG6 SiR front seat
OEM EG6 sun visor
Recaro SPG Bucket seat
K-Tuned Quick shifter
Skunk2 Shifknob
Honda Access floor mat
Mugen pedal set

Denji headlamp
Honda Access doorvisor
Honda Access front lip for EG6
OEM EG6 spoiler
OEM EG6 mudguard

Head porting polished with 3 angle valve
Block ZC
Header Custom
Power cable spark plug wire
Samco hose
SARD Fuel Pressure Regulator
Apex’i Open air filter
J’s Racing Muffler

Desmond Regamaster Evo 15×7 et35
Toyo R888 205/50/15 (front), Toyo R888 195/55/15 (Rear)
ISC Street Coilover
Skunk2 Lower control arm
ASR Subframe
OEM Civic EK Type-R front strutbar
Project Mu Lock nut

The Guys Behind The Shoot!

Director of Photography
Wailan Hizkia Rawung
Camera Person
Wailan Hizkia Rawung
Iman Kurniawan

Iman Kurniawan
Tonan Jihano Sinaga
Wailan Hizkia Rawung

Sound & Editing
Iman Kurniawan
Special Thanks to:
Azka Yuqatamma
Cuci.In Car Wash
Cleaners Autospa


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