Have you wondered what’s ROLLEDLIFE means?

‘Rolled’ [rohld] is a verb that stands for something moving, in the ROLLEDLIFE brand, the ‘Rolled’ stands for the cycle of Indonesian Car culture and we’re bringing the greatest aspect and perspective of Indonesian Car Modification, Indonesian Stance Culture, Car Culture, and many more

‘Life’ [lahyf] stands for a lifestyle that we seek in any car enthusiast and we’re bringing our latest wardrobe to match the taste of fashion for every car enthusiast.

As the project goes on we’re still making our best and still provide Indonesian car Culture our perspective in car and seek the people that match ours. We define Rolledlife a media also a curator of any great built of Indonesian Car Enthusiast. The media that we call ‘BLOG’ is what we shared among car enthusiast about what’s going in Indonesian Car Culture. The brand seek any Indonesian car enthusiast in their lifestyle and fashion. So, we provide good products for car enthusiast

Our journey first journey started in early 2014 with the name @keongturbo. A Blog of Indonesian Automotive Enthusiast that just a college project between Wailan Rawung, Adhitya Putra, Dika Dzuqadhono, and Teddy Lukman. Later on 31 March 2014 the domain www.keongturbo.com was activated since then the blog provide their readers a peek of Indonesian Car Culture. But unfortunately the project didn’t last long because the semester also end several months after Keongturbo was born. Also we realize that we didn’t do much more of Indonesian Car Culture. So, It’s time to bring more to the scene.

Later Wailan realized the potential of Indonesian in automotive and there’s so much individual aware and began to have an enthusiasm in cars. Then after several discussion with his friend, finally they agreed to change the keongturbo name to ROLLED LIFE. Then the domain www.rolledlife.com was born on 21 October 2015.

The ROLLED LIFE project itself is a joint project between Wailan Rawung and his friend, Iman Kurniawan. Wailan who’s majoring in marketing but have passionate in photography and Indonesian Car Culture collaborate with Iman Kurniawan who’s majoring in arts and cinematography also passionate in automotive culture after that the journey continues and added Alfred Tamara to be one of ROLLED LIFE ‘s photographer and it was great journey of course.

ROLLED LIFE journeys is based on our readers. So, we’re very appreciate anyone who read our articles, push the ‘Follow’ Button on our Facebook and Instagram and also bought our products. We’re aware our revenue streams was just from merchandise sale. But we’re still developing ROLLED LIFE in the future and we want to make it bigger and greater than before. We also hope that Indonesian Car Culture will do grow ahead. As we realize now that Indonesian Car Culture was never be expected to be this cool