Glorifest Autoshow 2018

Hi Rollers! Sabtu lalu (04/08), gue diundang oleh SMA Global Mandiri Cibubur untuk meliput Glorifest Autoshow 2018, sebuah acara padanan untuk meramaikan pentas seni/ pensi mereka yang sudah dijalani bertahun-tahun dengan generasi yang berbeda, bernama Catharsia. Kebetulan event ini disponsori oleh PGN atau biasa dikenal dengan Perusahaan Gas Negara. Walaupun para panitia ini masih terbilang

Fast In Fast Out 2018 Video Coverage

Last Saturday (26/05) we’ve been invited by @thegoodrides to coverage their event, Fast In Fast Out 2018. Fast In Fast Out is a hot lap challenge held by @thegoodrides for all car enthusiast on Ramadan months every year to provide a fun activity during fasting on weekend. Every year we’ve seen a major upgrade of

City Strooling with The Honda Guys!

Well, Actually last year of June, we’ve been invited by our friend, Riswan to join him and his friend to run around Jakarta with their Honda Civics. IT WAS AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE, a really fun night indeed. So, here’s a video of us strolling around South Jakarta Before the car pic, first you gotta see

Japanese Wheels Meet Up 2 – After a year off

After successfully held the first Japanese Wheels Meetup on 2015 the committee decided to take a year off for some reasons, this makes the Japanese wheels enthusiast feel disappointed but also missing the vibe. Some people has informations from their inside man on the committee that the event will be held next year (it was

Dhurandhoro Meaty Van // Honda Stream Highlights! (Indonesian Version)

Selama beberapa tahun belakangan, Car enthusiast di Indonesia telah mengalami perkembangan yang bisa dibilang cukup pesat, dilihat dari perkembangan dunia modifikasi di Indonesia yang kini mulai mengedepankan estetika dan fungsi ( some still aren’t ) tidak hanya memodif yang mempentingkan tampilan lalu menjadi penghuni garasi atau bengkel modifikasi saja tetapi juga dapat dinikmati as their daily driven

LOCAL 2017 // Quality Over Quantity

We have been invited and attended to many of cars related event since we started this blog. Through all the years after one event to another, we’ve experienced so many different kind of events, different theme, different attendant, different places, different culture. But they do have something in common, which is they are chasing quantity