Honda Civic 1997 – Riswan’s Personal Dream

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As a car guy we always have our dream cars or dream projects. Yesterday, we met Riswan Rusdiansyah, a car enthusiast that always been following his dream until now. The journey started when Riswan finally sold his Toyota Starlet and bought this Honda Civic SO4. He told us that he never thought that his car would be like this now. At first he just want to make his Honda Civic as a good daily-driven with 14 Inch or 15 Inch on a stock suspensions. But now, we’ve seen an outstanding SO4 and still one of the best so far.

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Honda Civic Ferio was one of the most favorite car among car enthusiast. The car itself has so many aftermarket parts that would make the car looks cool. We may say that the Japanese Design on the Civic Ferio is one of the timeless piece of arts. After its first release on 1993, this Honda Civic was awarded as Car of The Year Japan for the third time. Even when Honda has released so many Civic generations, the Honda Civic Ferio is still one of the best and most like-able Honda ever!

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A journey of a person while they’re into something good is a long way road. Riswan himself had so many trials and errors to make his Honda Civic stands out among others. From buying the car parts one by one to adjusting the fitment many times. What we appreciate about Riswan’s journey is about how he still keep the car and enjoy driving it until now. We believe a true enthusiast will enjoy the car that they built piece by piece and step by step. Surely, it will cost a long time.

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Talking about passion, Riswan always emphasizing his passion in cars and believe that the others will follow the way. He told us that all the dreams and imagination that he had was on his Honda Civic SO4. All his journey and all his stories with his car is priceless, that’s why boredom won’t stop him down. But there’s another story about Riswan and his passion. He told us that he had a new project with a new car, a Honda Civic EG Hatchback. There’s a certain point that he think he can put all the parts that his Honda Civic SO4 has to his new builds. But while he remembers all the efforts that been put on his SO4, Riswan finally decide to build his Honda Civic EG from scratch and keeping his SO4 on its outstanding conditions. Anyway as a car enthusiast it would be hard. There will be more money and also more time that cost him to build another car. But because he always prioritize his passion, he finally made his another dream.

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You may realize why this car only have two seats, and have a weight reduction on the interior side. This was one of Riswan persona in his Honda Civic. Riswan told us that he always like to read online articles and blogs about Honda-Culture around the world and based on the car conditions now, is the one that suits him. Riswan build the car all out and it was a great example of true enthusiast. Building an outstanding car need attentions to detail. All the parts that he put into his car was authentic and on a great quality with its functional specifications. Like the ‘bar pipe’ on the rear side of the interiors was not just a custom pipe-that-makes-your-car-looks-cool. It was authentic C-Bar Spoon and authentic Feel rear strut bar.

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Sometimes, what made a car enthusiast a true enthusiast was their story. Their outstanding-and-also-good-looking car is a results of their efforts on their journey that makes a ‘true’ story. This was the first motivation why we made this website. We want to explore and show the culture about the owner’s story their style in the car’s persona and their passion in automotive world.

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Someone always said, that stickers on your everyday thing will tell every journey and every story that you’ve been through. Is it?

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Exterior :
Mugen Front Lips added with custom carbon kevlar
Original EK4 USDM Front Headlights
EK4 Grill
Honda Access Side Visor
Spion Side View Mirror
Rear Antenna EK4
EK4 Rear Lips

Interior :
Recaro SR3 for EK9 Type-R Front Seats
Honda Orthia OEM Speedometer
EK4 Tweeter Cover
Nardi Deep Corn Steering Wheel
EK4 JDM Sunvisor
EK 4 Cup holder
EK9 Type-R Coin Holder
Monkey Bar / C-Bar spoon

Kaki2 :
Velg Work CR01 special order 16×9 et20 (F), 16×9.5 et13 (R)
Toyo DRB 195/45/16
Coilover ISC street spec two way adjustable
OEM Integra DC2 Type-R Front Strut Bar
Belakang Feel’s honda twincam Strutbar
Skunk2 Rear Camber Kit
Buddy Club Camber Kit for competition
LCA Skunk 2
Frame brace ASR
Brembo Front Disc Brake Rotor

Mesin :
ZC P08 Head
NGK power cable
Honda Access sport muffler for SO4
Kansai Header


Words and Photo : Wailan Rawung

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