These guys got Camber : W208, E46, and E30 Bagged

It’s been a while since I posted my last content. So, here’s the content from 2020 when Azka invited me to do some photoshoot with his friend, Dandi and Gerald.

Chilly Camber-7

Well, in 2019 and 2020 there’s some changes with Azka’s W208 CLK builds. This time he’s using BBS RS and it was real good. For me, BBS RS is one of the best kind wheels. Almost every car looks good with BBS RS. You can say even it’s so boxy or roundy, wagon or sedan, coupe, or even you wanna try to put on A/T Tyres to put on your SUV? Still looks great!

Chilly Camber-2

But the downside of having one of these wheels is there are so many replicas that even look 90% alike.

Chilly Camber-8 Chilly Camber-6

In my newbs opinion, modifying a CLK and stick it to the f-in grown like this is not easy. The body of this type of car is really thick. It’s even thicker than it’s predecessor like the W209. But having the right size of wheels and put it on a decent camber is Azka’s specialty. It’s also not as easy as you think.

Chilly Camber-13 Chilly Camber-14

Not to mention on to restore this old wheels. Yes, BBS is not a brand new wheels. Maintaining it is another thing. Mesh wheels is hard to maintain. Haha

Chilly Camber-10

Moving to the E46 with aggressive Setup

Chilly Camber-4

Here’s Dandi with his aggressive setup running on BBS LMs. Actually I forgot about the specs. But it looks awesome tho!

Chilly Camber-5
Chilly Camber-17

Actually I’m not quite a fan of excessive camber like this. But I really respect on how Dandi can combine the wheels, setup, and the aura of the car.

Chilly Camber-18

What I hear about Dandi that he’s now running with Toyota Crown and slammed with SSR Mesh. I think it looks great tho!

This new kid is going all out!

Well, I just met Gerald on 2020, but he’s really doing all out with his E30. Whole Mtech 2 bodykit, aired out with SSR Mesh, and unique color is a great combo!

Chilly Camber-3 Chilly Camber-15 Chilly Camber-12 Chilly Camber-20 Chilly Camber-22 Chilly Camber-23 Chilly Camber-24

We gotta respect build like this. In 2021, owning and restoring an E30 is really hard I must say. You know that the cost of the rear number plate garnish is more than 350 US$? Or the NOS Rear tail light that can cost more than 900 US$? Maan.

Looking back at the year 2020 and 2021, we surely miss the old days when we can easily meet up. But now with the pandemic is going on, we should keep ourselves safe. Even when the car build is still on progress.


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