Redefined its Class // Faisal Hendianto W220 with Iforged Retro


After doing several car features, and event coverages by being a media partner here and there, we could say our last year was pretty fun. We met some new friends, and also a lot of cool cars, from static slammed scrapping all the way fitment to running on air so airdontcare fender to lip fitment, from proper stance to wide bodied racekor with big wang sh*t. so I can say, we’re closing our 2015 with style! .


And now we wanted to do the same thing on 2016 but we intended to do more, and for a starter, we do some coverage on our fellow car enthusiast Faisal Hendianto, that shows us what he can do more on his Mercedes Benz Sonderklasse S280 W220, this one is the short wheelbase version and its and completely built up from Japan.


The Sonderklasse


As we all know the “S” class is the most luxurious line up from Mercedes Benz, the “S” badge means “Sonderklasse” which mean Top Class in English, it has all of the luxury equipments such as Airmatic, the OEM equipment that works as air suspension but with its own sensor that allows to raising the ride height on poor road. Long story short the Air Matic air suspension system adapts the suspension to the prevailing conditions. The damping of each wheel self-adjusts according to the current driving situation and the condition of the road to gives maximum comfort and safe handling stability, Active Ventilated Seats (which used miniature fans in the seats to move air through perforations), keyless entry and ignition, Distronic this model was intended for the vips that’s why it has all the fancy gizmo. By its stocks conditions its already looks so classy, but then Faisal also known as a man that never wanna go in stock conditions, he defined his W220 even further by doing so many mods just to redefined its class.



Redefining its Class

First thing that he did was, he repainted his W220 into candy black, to have that super deep black looks, the workshop behind his sleek paint was Platinum Motorsport, and then he do some natural wide body to puts on Iforged Retro wheels with aggressive fitment 20×11 on the front and 20×12,5 on the rear, the changes on the rear wheel width made him do some mods on the brake side, and the engine, he uses Brembo AMG big brake kit from the S55 AMG and  stroke up the engine from the stock 2800cc to 3500cc to support the large wheels setup.


True, He’s going Static


In the future, Faisal was planning to run his car on a full static suspensions. FYI, a stock W220 is already equipped with air matic that also called as air suspensions. Anyway the suspension of Faishal’s W220 was a bit unique. He still applies air matic on front, but full customized static suspensions on the rear. All fitment works and suspension works was on Jaya Teknik, Faisal’s suspension workshop. This is one thing that makes me confused about Faishal’s way of enjoying cars. While every kids on the stance scene are dreaming about running their cars on air suspension. While we ask why’s the reasons of this, he said that the air suspension was too soft, and made his lower deck scrapped every time he drove on a bumpy road. Also, the wheels outer lips was always banging the fender. The other problem came from the bags that are too close to the wheels’s inner barrel which always rubbing every time he goes diagonal inclined. So, Static on the go!



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