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We have been invited and attended to many of cars related event since we started this blog. Through all the years after one event to another, we’ve experienced so many different kind of events, different theme, different attendant, different places, different culture. But they do have something in common, which is they are chasing quantity because they thought an successful event is measure by how many the participant are or the ‘trophy chaser’ who’s thinking that the trophies is their achievement – not the car.

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Actually, I thought, we need an car related event that didn’t see quantity as a big matters. But the proper and high quality participant that would make the event great.

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On the beginning of the 2017, we attended Hondavolution and amazed by their quality, then a couple of months later our friend from Fitted Sunday invited us to join their event. “Fitted Sunday” is a movement that consist the Instagram famous group that gathers every Sunday to gather and talk about cars. So then we heard if Fitted Sunday creating a car related event called LOCAL 2017 and they intended to make it a proper event by limiting the slots and making the venue as a photo and video friendly parking arrangement with some serious selection on the registration. The one unique thing of the event is that they took the place at Stadion Candrabraga, Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia. Damn that place was too far from our place, but we do enjoy the nuance.

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Me personally really love the concept like this : spacious parking spot, tidy parking arrangement, focused event arrangement and pure talk of automotive related stuffs. We also found out that most of the participant itself are consist from people that set the bar pretty high on building cars, so suit yourself here are the photos of the good vibes on the event, kudos to the committee and crew and also Fitted Sunday for being a good host.

LOCAL 2017-38

LOCAL 2017-34

LOCAL 2017-39

LOCAL 2017-37

LOCAL 2017-36

LOCAL 2017-35

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LOCAL 2017-46

Not bad for a first timer, next year inside the stadium, on the football field and jogging track maybe? Or perhaps held it on Gelora Bung Karno? We’ll see about that!

Azka Yuqatamma

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