Hot Import Daze 29-30 November 2014 Coverage Part 1 – The representative and the trip

First of all we gave all our respect to Jakmodfest for inviting us to be on Hot Import Daze to show our representative and sell some cool stuffs. At first we’re amazed for having the offers but long story short we accepted it with proud and begin to find our representative with total 5 cars to be on the spot. All the cars that will be our representatives should reflect what is. For your info, again.. is a lifestyle brands especially for car enthusiast. We provide apparels in the future and surely from your handsome and pretty head to beautiful toe. What reflect is a person who’s passionate about cars and don’t care about anyone said or anyone order for his/her own car. They just personalized their car as they’re personalized themselves. But in a good way.

So what’s our pick for our representatives? We picked BMWs and Toyota that our friends owned to be on the spot. We’ll make sure that they’re reflect all the image. With their taste, their passion and their togetherness. So, the first is BMW E30 that we’ve been featured and then Gerry’s sleek E36 with Breyton wheels, And the last of BMWs gang is Timothy’s E46 with FAB Design. For The Toyota’s we picked Prayoga’s Toyota Sprinter Marino with the famous yet rare, Sprinthart CPR Wheels and Mr. Herry Toyota Soluna with Medusa Napre Wheels
 photo SI_20141126_203254_zpscf681ba4.jpeg

So, after we make our own arrangement we joined the ‘Basis Bintaro’ guys to convoy to the Hot Import Daze Venue at the Ecovention, Ancol. So me and Iman Kurniawan ( Videographer) meet the pack at the Benzine Car Wash that Gustavo Pane have the last photo shoot with his Toyota Mark X and then continue to convoy to Ancol Via Toll.  photo IMG_9977_zpsdcb7ed62.jpg
So, here they are, the Basbin’s Pack Plus om Herry and his friends with their great hospitality.  photo IMG_0001_zps0b3ad7b6.jpg
As you can see their sleepy faces but still with excitement just to be on loading time at the Hot Import Daze. Here’s our representatives. As you can see Timothy’s BMW E46 is not coming yet at that time. Poor him he missed the photo session because of his late. But he’s still make it through the convoy thou.

 photo IMG_9981_zps87734c20.jpg

 photo IMG_9983_zps5cb0373f.jpg

 photo IMG_9988_zps0e4fad60.jpg

 photo IMG_9987_zps2c210a71.jpg

Here’s all the cars that will go to Hot Import Daze to beat the other cars. And for your Info, 4 Cars from 5 that Basis Bintaro’s have on Hot Import Daze is winning
 photo IMG_9985_zps551034d7.jpg

 photo IMG_9993_zpseeb764ee.jpg

 photo IMG_9992_zps39afb6ef.jpg

After a slow convoy through Inner Ring Road Tolls, Finally we’ve made it to the Hot Import Daze. But because of the hectic situations of the loading time, we don’t have any pictures yet. But on the next coverage you’ll see how awesome Hot Import Daze are 😀

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