City Strooling with The Honda Guys!

Well, Actually last year of June, we’ve been invited by our friend, Riswan to join him and his friend to run around Jakarta with their Honda Civics. IT WAS AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE, a really fun night indeed.

So, here’s a video of us strolling around South Jakarta

Before the car pic, first you gotta see this Mitsubishi Challenger, owned by our crew, Azka. I liked it better like this!
Honda Night Run-3

And here’s the photos that capture all the fun. Too bad, our friend Riswan got his car troubled due some belt issues. But still, it was a good night!
Honda Night Run-9

Honda Night Run-11

Honda Night Run-4

Honda Night Run-20

Honda Night Run-21

Honda Night Run-26

Honda Night Run-25

Honda Night Run-28

Honda Night Run-29

Honda Night Run-30

Honda Night Run-31

Honda Night Run-2

Honda Night Run-22

Honda Night Run-24

Honda Night Run-23

Honda Night Run-2

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