Fast in Fast Out 2018 : What Caught Our Attention

On 26th May 2018, we’ve been invited by our friend from @thegoodrides to come and have fun on Fast in Fast Out 2018, a hot lap challenge during fasting day on Ramadan just to challenge all car enthusiast to see if they can break the lap, or break their fasting!. No just kidding! Lol. The point is only to provide all car enthusiast with all the fun to get the fastest lap during Ramadan. Anyway, this event also act as the prologue of Indonesian Hot lap Challenge this year.
FIFO 2018 Azka-12
FIFO 2018 Azka-1
FIFO 2018 Azka-2

That day, I went with Azka to Sentul. Event tho we arrived a little bit late that day, we didn’t miss the fun. The hot lap challenge have a good crowds, and all the participant seems to be more serious than the other year we went to the last Fast in Fast Out. We also made the video coverage here

FIFO 2018 Azka-18
FIFO 2018 Azka-15
FIFO 2018 Azka-11
FIFO 2018 Azka-16
FIFO 2018 Azka-9
FIFO 2018 Azka-8
FIFO 2018 Azka-3
FIFO 2018 Azka-19

After we arrived and see along the pit, we can’t move our eyes to all these beautiful machines. And here are the cars that caught our eyes that sittin’ nicely below the hot sun of Sentul Circuit




This Subaru WRX Impreza Hatchback owned by Mr. Yahya took our focus away. We love it very much!

FIFO 2018 Azka-6
FIFO 2018 Azka-7
This ultra rare Toyota Corolla owned by Dean Zen is a hot catch. You won’t see this car everyday!


FIFO 2018 Azka-17

FIFO 2018 Azka-14

The famous Toyota Corolla SE that influence the stance scene in Indonesia also tone up the event

FIFO 2018 Azka-13

Then we catch this Mitsubishi Eterna, we believe that it was fast. We heard that this car owned by the famous Mr. Motomobi

We also catch this ultra-mega-rare-so-wow and red painted BMW E30 M3!! We really want to cover this car on our site!.

This Mitsubishi Evolution IV also caught our attentions!

This pug that rolled with Enkei RPF-1 is a nice touch up of a Peugeot. A France engineering collaborated with Japanese piece of works really made us got the ‘eyegasm’

Anyway, this is the highlight of the car that caught the attention of our camera:


Anyway we also caught our friend from Bandung, Bowie that really stepped his game up on the Honda scene!
FIFO 2018 Azka-4
FIFO 2018 Azka-5

This Infamous Honda Civic EF below is also a game changer with its K20 engine (We heard that way)
FIFO 2018 Azka-10

See an automotive event like this really motivates us to build a car that properly built for both track and daily that also have a good looks!

We did have fun on this event, and the weather is really nice.

Anyway, if you’re curious about our video coverage, you can watch it on this link

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