Diwan’s E46 325i // Boredom Killer

Some of you might have a bond between you and your car. And there’s somebody out there personalized his car for a short period of time to pursue something that more important.

For example here is Mr. Herdiwan Fajar, the man behind one of a well known rims store in Jakarta –probably in Indonesia, Eurovolution. Well this man was also well known by his previous outstanding BMW Z3 that proved to have an ET perfect fitment without wide body or anything that ruin the originality of the car. Sadly he sold it for the sake of his new family, since Diwan junior was coming all the way from heaven.



Having a family means that you should provide them with proper transprotation, which is a sedan or family car like Van or MPV to take his beloved wife and son anywhere they want. At that time, selling his roadster was the best options he had. Then the journey with BMW didn’t end there because he bought a BMW E39 saloon equipped with Work Varianza wheels, but then again something more important came up that made him has to sacrificed his ego and sell that car again.


After that he owned a BMW E28 and BMW E30 M10 that were also beautifully personalized, well this guy is always has a good taste on personalized his cars, never overdone it. He still keep it simple and clean, also proper.


Diwan’s E46 Stance

But then again he also has to sell those both cars because he needed the money for something more important, and he trade it with the pre facelift E46 325i, he said he want to use it as his daily, and take a break from modding the car, because he was saving for his dreamcar that he had been dream about it since junior highschool.



A few months later, he changes his mind when he got a rare Carlsson 3/15 with top mounted face that I heard the seller (Riverside Wheels) said has only seen it twice in the past five years, the spec is 17 – 9,5/11 , then Diwan decided to put it on his E46 that honestly I thought it was to small for E46 to roling on 17 inches, but hey! He done it again, it looks gorgeously mounted on his E46, plus he changes the bumpers with the mtech version. Simple right?


He said this is just to cure his boredom and itchiness of modding the car while waiting and saving for his dream car, it is only for temporary. But still simple yet beautiful.

Cant wait to see you what you gonna do when get your dream car sir!






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