BMW E46 330i With BBS LE MANS // Shandy’s Kind Of Taste

When you have gone through many style of modifications, there’s a condition that sometimes you want to have form and functions. Shandy Darmawan has been there and finally he done this. After accidentally sold his Honda Civic ES and successfully built a Toyota Starlet GT, he’s in loved with this BMW E46 330i.

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3-Series Story

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The 3-series of BMW was the all time’s favourites for the young generations from many era. In Indonesia, the tremendouz hit of ‘Catatan Si Boy’ series with his beloved E30 in early 90s, and the powerful branding of BMW’s 3-series had succesfully eaten almost half the market share of premium mid-size sedan in Indonesia. The image of 3-series was an absolute wilderness. Delivered with their compact design but offers many great packages for any kind of situations that meet the owner’s needs.

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The 318i is good for city cruising. But the 330i, was a different story. A straight six M54 engine with 3000 litre cylinders of pistons that spinning around, delivered a high amount of power to push the chassis all around. The engine was fast. Period. The feels when driving a BMW with a 3000 litre engine, was just amazing. When your body feels pushed backwards, the adrenaline, those hands that hold the steering wheels strongly, the sweat that came, and finally, the happiness, the joy, the pleasure of driving a fast car.

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Actually what Shandy had with this car is a complete package. A good quality of used cars with its own active mufflers, Ultra Racing Strut Bar, KW Coilover V2, Hardrace Camber Kit, and of course a full set of M-Tech Bodykit for 330i. But what he did with his car, was to repair several problems that this car had. Like broken rear lights wiring that makes him bought another new rear lights. Reset the ABS Sensors, et cetera.

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But there is a personalizations that he makes on this car. The fitment. With an exquisite set of 18 inch BBS Le Mans 8 inch wide for front wheels and 9 inch at the rear. After he lowered the coilover set up, the wheels was covered with Falken Ziex 912. The rest, he just need to keep it that way. For us, the fitment was a cool for daily grinds. Like you will looks cool, but still can go almost anywhere with revving the engine often. Awesome!



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