[Announcement] Bank BJB Speed Matsuri : Japan Day x Offset Kings Indonesia

Speed Matsuri Japan Day PressCon-3

9 November 2016 – After succeeded conducting a major automotive event – Speed Matsuri Honda Fun Day in Jakarta last year, our cool friend Goodrides.co has now taken their event into another level. Partnered with both local and international, goodrides.co collaborate with Bank BJB as one of national bank and PT. Pertamina Persero that represent Pertamax Turbo to be their official sponsor. To support the event, goodrides.co also bring Fatlace to conduct the first Offset Kings in Indonesia and also speedhunters.com to be their official international media partner. The Bank BJB Speed Matsuri : Japan Day x Offset kings will be held on December 3 2016 at Sentul International Circuit.

Speed Matsuri Japan Day PressCon-2

The Speed Matsuri will require skillful drivers and high quality built of cars alongside with high performance. That’s one of the reasons why PT.Pertamina bring their newest high quality octane fuel, Pertamax Turbo (RON 98) to be the supporting official fuel in this year end saga.

Speed Matsuri Japan Day PressCon-3

The background of Speed Matsuri was based on ‘Speed’ that means running fast, and ‘Matsuri’ that means festival. The Speed Matsuri name was to represent a speed festival among Indonesian car enthusiasts to deliver their enthusiasm in car modification and racing in one event, and bringing a whole new experience to the both of audience and Indonesian Automotive Industries

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The festival will provide 2 events. The first one is for the speed freak who like to test their car based on performance, stability, and endurance through time attack, called Speed Matsuri. The main purpose of Speed Matsuri is to make all participant show their skills with their car and introducing Time Attack as one of motorsport activities in Indonesia. Goodrides.co also hoped that there will be another time attack event that will be held after this first official time attack events.

The second event from the festival is the Offset Kings. With Fatlace as the main organizer and succeed on making the event on United States, Japan, Australia, and Phillipina, Goodrides.co finally succeeded to bring Offset Kings to Indonesia. Not to mention that Offset Kings is one of the most recognized automotive events in the world. To make this event even cooler, Goodrides.co also bring Speedhunters.com as their main International Media Partner.

We are very sure that this event will be big, and another big step for Indonesian Car Culture to be more recognized globally. Bank BJB Speed Matsuri : Japan Day x Offset Kings Indonesia also didn’t restrict to certain communities or car club. It will also will be another breakthrough to all generations from Indonesian car culture to share their experience to make this culture better.

Another purpose of this event to be on Sentul International Circuit, Bank BJB, PT. Pertamina, and Goodrides.co want to make all audience to know more about Sentul International Circuit as one of Indonesian International Circuit where many Motorsport events was held from time to time. They also want people to contribute into this circuit through fair play of automotive activities in this venue.

Speed Matsuri Japan Day PressCon-5

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