Wheels Wednesday : Rays Gramlights 57D on Toyota Mark X

Maybe you realized who’s car is this. Yes, This is . What’s interesting in here we want to talk about the wheels and tire profile. Bryan told me after swap the wheels from Advan RS, he prefer to chose Rays Gramlights 57D 18×9,5JJ alongside his old rubber, Yokohama DB 235/45/R18. The Rays Gramlights is a cast wheels that focus on motorsports. The Gramlights 57D is designed for drift. The ‘D’ stands for Dash Design of Drift.

Bryan MarkX-1

Bryan MarkX-1-5

Bryan MarkX-5

Not so long after he got the wheels, Bryan told me that he want to reduce the “Meaty” profile in his Toyota Mark X. So, he replace the tires to Accelera PHI R 245/40. The tires profile is more wide than the old ones, but a little bit thin than the previous ones. The result is fantastic yet reliable to drive the cars on a daily basis. Like the story that Bryan told us before, he still want to enjoy the reliability and power of Toyota Mark X by put some modifications that still reliable for everyday drive.

Bryan MarkX-4

Bryan MarkX-6

Bryan MarkX-2

Bryan MarkX-3

So, changing a tire profile is much helpful if you seek more ‘stance’ fitment of your car. It helps you to make the car height lower and adjust the wheels closer to the fenders. Adjusting cambers, and tire profiling is a bit struggle. You need to prepare more cash and knowledge from previous experience to have such a beautiful fitment.

Bryan MarkX-1-2

Bryan MarkX-1-3

Bryan MarkX-1-8

Bryan MarkX-1-6

Bryan MarkX-7

Bryan MarkX-8

So, this is our wheels wednesday. See you guys soon!


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