Well, It’s been A While // A Perspective From Our “Gabut” Photoshoot


It’s been a while after almost a month we didn’t post anything. Maybe some of you-our kindest readers realize that we just didn’t went on track. Yet no more special features for a while, our cool stuffs sales might just go slow. It wasn’t as expected. Yes, we are slowing down.

We just getting busy to take care our own business and forget this little good thing. It was a shame of course. Since one of us was working to one ecommerce company that really took almost all of his time, some others busy to make sure his new business running well, and some others working like I did and try to figure what’s next.


But you guys must really know that this decay won’t make us shutting ourselves down. We just need more time to manage some things up and evolve to be some cool thing that you won’t imagine before. We still do some event coverage because we still believe that Indonesian Car Culture still growing and we want to show the world that Indonesia is the place of car enthusiasts with different background and taste, just like the Japanese.


So, what’s the story

So it all began in some good afternoon, we still believe that a weekend must be well spent. So, I call my friends to do some photo shoot. Then I called Randy – my high school friend that just became a new car enthusiast, and Azka to see a new setup of his CLK with the new air suspensions. At first it went good, but just turns out raining and took so long for us to wait until it’s over

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Randy’s Lifted Honda CRV First Gen


BLOG -21

Randy and his first gen of Honda CRV, Not bad for a starter right? Anyway I just seen some proof that this car was strong as hell. That afternoon, our cool friend just didn’t realize that he just hit a car while reversing. The car was messed up. The light broken and the dent just painful to watch. But when we’d seen Randy’s car, nothing. The bumpers and all of it just the same like before he hit the car. Cool!

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All I can say that the design of this first generation Honda CRV is irresistible. The early 2000’s design that a transformation from the 90’s to the millennium was cool as it is. When Randy decided to change the original wheels to steelies and lifted it up, just turns out great. It’s a little bit dejavu by the way. I’ve seen a CRV like this before, but cooler than this 😛

Wailan’s abandoned BMW E36 318i

BLOG -26

Well, the man above is me. It just hard to get a proper picture of me with my E36. But there it goes, my long lost project.


Well, working at one cool ecommerce company in Indonesia has taken almost of my time to taking care of them and abandon this blog and also abandon my car. Actually when I sold my Toyota Soluna and bring this E36 home, I taught many changes that would come to this car. But you know the changes that I’ve made? I just clean the front side lamp from painted to clear, refreshing the front headlights, fixing the foglamp for more than 5 times and it still not working well, and of course lowered it. Well not much right?

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Buying an old European cars with tight budget was just sucks. I bought this E36 318i 1996 with a good low price. Luckily I got this original Style 22 17″ wheels, Original M-Tech side moulding, and also an original Pfeba spoiler. The interiors? Not so original as you think. It was a redo interior jobs with a fair quality (Not good but not bad) that just became one of my bucket list to redo the interiors with the original fabrics.

BLOG -14

For the engine, this car just has a terrible M43 engines. There’s something with the Hydraulic Valve Adjuster, and Idle Control Valve and also Air Flow Meter that I need to change, clean, and re tune just to make this car in a good shape. It is now, but I think there’s still a ticking time bomb that would came in the future. Well, taking care of an old European cars need more that passion. It needs more money, and it will suck your wallet deep down.

BLOG -15

When your time has been taken for a quite long time but it just not so worth much, you just realize how unhappy you are. Too much thinking of my current positions had make me look forward and seek more. So, I have made my decision to resign from my current job and taking care of things that has been long lost forgotten and seek another opportunities that really fits me and align with my skills and capabilities. Let’s say that you’ll see some changes in this blog later, maybe?

Azka with his bagged CLK

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Well this car was quite a cool one. Besides the OZ Futura and the air suspensions that dropped this car down closely to the earth, this car just as simple as it is and attracts so many necks around. I must say that when Azka decided to sell his W210 to this CLK, it was a great decision.

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Anyway, Azka still make it a secret on what will happen with this car. Let’s hope that he will put large body kit and many speakers all around just to make it win. Anyway, What a pose. Let’s hope that he didn’t make it as a stock tinder profile

Our first attempt of light painting
You know that we haven’t post a pic with light painting in it? Yes because the last time we do it with flash and that was a pain in the ass.

As a bonus pic, we gave it all to you. Enyoy~ (A terms that you use when you eat rounded tofu, deep fryed, directly, with manners and a cup of English breakfast tea) – What a cheap humor

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BLOG -35

BLOG -36

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Anyway we did this with only 2 flash from our own smartphones and one gigantic POWERBAAANK!

Thank you, I hope I got a gigantic POTATO just to satisfy you guys.


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