Mercedes Benz W201 190E 2.6 1993 // Adrian’s Retro Companion

It’s another article for last year, but it’s worth sharing of course. You know that me and all the rolledlife guys is being on kinda on/off hiatus these past two years. We kinda lost direction, but we still love cars. Not to mention that this early 2018 was kinda hard for me since I got some accident that I won’t tell you further.

Anyway, let’s focus on Adrian’s lovely W201, a glorious car on its age. The predecessor of the C Class, the compact version of Mercedes Benz’s luxury and sports. The lovely car that usually been called as the Baby Benz has got a different kind of type on it’s glamorous days. You can see the usual 190E on the streets, then you got the Cosworth version, then the Holy Grail W201 190E Evolution!. The widened version of W201 roaming the street along with the wind that sheer the beauty of it’s body and the 80’s touch! tremendous!

Adrian came from a car enthusiast family. His father got a couple-or more Mercedes-Benz, and the Evolution is one of them. Maybe his Dad is a true Merc Fanatic. But unlike his Dad, Adrian is a different kind of car enthusiast. He got a 5 Series E39 Alpina at Malaysia for his daily driver around campus and apartment. In Jakarta, Adrian is also a racing driver that drove the race version of W201 as part of the club.

But, sadly we won’t write above all that. His Mercedes Benz W201 2.6 1993, A two toned mercedes that perfectly lowered with 5 spoke Speedline Mistral is the one that attracts our genitals. It’s so perfectly modified. God Damn!

Since we can’t say a word any more, and no more, we will let Adrian talk about the car himself.

GO WATCH THE VIDEO NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND HERE’S THE PIC OF THE BEAUTY, ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!












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