Toyota Corolla AE101 With Work Wheels // Hendra’ Eternal Friendship

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Do you believe in eternal friendship, or love? Because we do, like this relationship that bonds between hendra and his beloved ae101 here that’s shows us an example of eternal friendship. The story began when I was scrolling through my Instagram feeds and came across this neat clean and sleek looking ae101 on Sparco nine a few years ago. This car was really caught my eyes, the simplicity and perfect execution to stanced it really something else. So I started to follow him since then we were just have a little talk by the comments space on Instagram, months by months his car has changed into a several setups and still looking neat. I really wanted to meet him personally and talks more about his car and his reference for modding it. Until then I saw on his feeds that his beloved car was met it downfall then I thought that it was it, it was the end he is gonna sell it, then his car was disappear from my feeds.

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Until a several months after it disappearance I got surprised again turns out he was build it from scratch again this time with different theme and he pushed it even further than before, he repaint with some fresh blue color, do some engine refreshment and more aggressive stance and wheel specs, I was like damn I really want to meet this guy and share stories about his build. Fortunately God answered my pray I met him at the local workshop and talked and share, but this is something that I regret after know him personally this guy was very crazy and mental, I think he have a mental disorder or something thou’.

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Later on I talked to Wailan to do coverage of his car, because I was really sure there is some exciting stories behind his build, behind his friendship between him and his corolla.

What’s on Hendra’s Toyota Corolla
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When we ask why corolla, why this car? He said it was a gift from his parents to support his daily activities specially his college life that located far away from Bogor to Jakarta, then because the love of modding the car he decided to give the car his personal touch. Then why this style he choose, why not doing it jdm style or usdm style like most people do, he said he simply give this car what he likes to see on his car like usdm bumpers, jdm headlight and taillight jdm rear bumpers and side skirt, he just mix it all without caring what other people thought.

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When we ask why he almost gave up and then back up again he said when was about to sell it he was given a sight to his dream, that his brother that already passed away was drove this corolla and then pass it to him, so yeah it is really that sentimental, the car has been with him for five years ,then he said this car is really accompanied him everywhere he goes, from home to college, to his workplace, take his mom to the market, took him and his girl to any places so its really his daily best friends.

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The last one we ask is, what are you gonna do in the future with this car, he want to push it event more, do some radius fenders, swap engine to younger corolla brother, and most surprised answer is maybe his going to bags it, well cause I know him as a static as fuck kinda guy. And I ask him any thoughts of changing the car? He said no what ever I want to do it has to be to this Corolla has to what ever it takes.

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So I guess the friendship and love will keep going between Hendra and his beloved Toyota Corolla AE101.


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