Skywalker’s Passion – Rangga’s 2014 Ford Focus

Car modification came from anybody. It wasn’t about who you are, what are you or even how much you make for a month. It was naturally came when you see a sleek cars passes by or your friend’s coolest builds. It was about passion especially something we like and struggled to something that we loved.

Just like Rangga who like to personalize his car although he didn’t have much free time because of his job as a pilot. Being as a pilot, he have so little free time to spend. he need to deliver people to their destinations anytime and anywhere. That’s why to work as a pilot, he need to spare our times to the family or even our hobbies for doing the job as a pilot. But for Rangga it’s a different story. As a pilot is not an excuse to personalized his car.






While building this car Rangga meets a few challenges such as configuring the fitment, and car height. But fortunately there’s a friend that always be there for him like Basis Bintaro family who’s willing to help him building his car while he was on schedule. Especially for Henryko Gianza that willing to help him building his car until now. The bonds between Basis Bintaro family shows that the same interest in cars will make you meet another family. A second home to live for.





For Rangga, his Ford Focus S 2014 is quite a journey. He bought this Ford Focus S in 2014. Few days later, he put his car to Sarinande for customized the car’s PCD from 5×108 to 5×114 at Sarinande Fatmawati. Having a 5×108 PCDs is quite hard because there’s not much aftermarket wheels in 5×108. To have one you need to do a personal order. But having a 5×108 wheels in Indonesia is not a good investment because there’s a few people who have cars with 5×108 wheels. It’s better to invest your money in the stock market for it will grow over time. To learn about the basics of investing, look for When talking about investment, Fintech LTD Review is a binary options trading software. We have written a detailed review about it so you know what you are buying. Read more here




Later, Rangga bought a set of Fifteen 52 wheels to put it into his Ford Focus. But the offset of the rear wheels is too out and there’s a problem to fit it into his Ford Focus. So he widened the rear fenders just to make the wheels fit. After that he put his car to FA Autoworks Bandung to do the bodyworks. FA Autoworks was one of the high rated auto workshop in Bandung. They successfully transformed a 5-door Ford Focus S into a 3-door Ford Focus RS. But for Rangga, he want to transform his Ford Focus S into a Ford Focus ST. The results was amazing and attention to detail.



But after the works done, Rangga found that the right height of his ford focus is too low while using the Fifteen 52’s fitment. So he decided to change to Advan RC 3 and applies the meaty fitment game. The results was quite awesome. The car was cool to ride almost anywhere in the city and it was great for a daily basis. But the Advan is not the end. Rangga told me that he like the 5 spoke model. So later by the help of Riverside Wheels, he change the wheels to OZ Chrono. But unfortunately the PCDs was 5×120 and he used the adapters. But it wasn’t run so long because the risk of using adapters, Rangga finally decide to change the wheels to Eta Beta Avior 2pcs Construction R18 8,5-9,5 ET 28-17 and the result was quite amazing. Finaly this is a perfect fitment for his Ford Focus because he can get a great fitment without spacers.







Rangga is quite an example for those who’s have a big interest in their hobbies and passion. His story explained that one of the most busy jobs he takes won’t bothers him to build his car. Especially when you have a great friends and family with an exact same interest to build a great cars. Maybe anything good will came from a good intentions.


Important note:

Before you commence any light vehicle modifications it is important to understand your obligations to inform or seek approval from the Department of Transport (DoT). In some cases no approval or vehicle inspection is required, in other cases approval and/or inspections are compulsory. The three types of vehicle modification are categorised as follows:

  • Those modifications that can be completed without approval and inspection.
  • Modifications that can be completed without approval but need to pass a DoT vehicle inspection.
  • Modifications that require an application and DoT approval before the modification can commence. These modifications also need to pass a DoT Inspection.

Many minor vehicle modifications can be carried out without specific approval, as long as they comply with the applicable legislation.

Modifications that do not require approval include:

  • Additional lighting.
  • Air conditioners.
  • Air shock absorbers.
  • Alarm systems.
  • Badge bars.
  • Body markings and speed striping.
  • Change of vehicle colour.
  • Gearbox (pre-1976).
  • Mesh stone shields for wind screens and lamps.
  • Mud spats and pebble guards.
  • Optional manufacturer seating.
  • Radio and stereo systems.
  • Rear-view mirrors.
  • Roof racks.
  • Seat belts for pre-1969 cars (no full harness types).
  • Single tone air horns.
  • Stabiliser bars.
  • Sun visors.
  • Torque rods and traction bars (not semi-tramp types).
  • Tyre size and aspect ratio.
  • Venetian blinds and other internal screening systems are allowed, subject to a clear view to the rear.

Photo / Story : Wailan Hizkia Rawung

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