Odd Species For Rare Man // Herdiwan’s BMW E36 316Ti with OZ Futura

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Its been so long since our last article, but don’t think we are on the edge of the road, because we are just slowing down a little bit since there’s many thing went on with our own business. But we still love cars and have a glance to create things that sharpen your senses, thou!

Yea, it is our first article on 2018 we intended to make a good start on this early year.

But let us remind you what 2017 has led us to, let say from simple daily static, to crazy slammed static that still drove by on daily. From simple bagged daily, to show purpose bagged setup, from natural wide body to crazy wide fender flare kit, and last but not least we’ve seen crazy V8 engine swapped rocket bunny, What a year!

And now we wanted to start our first article with this, rarely seen BMW e36 compact or 316ti own by one of infamous wheels workshop owner Mr. Herdiwan Fajar (Eurovolution).

As i mentioned above, this car is quite rarely seen roaming in the street of Jakarta, especially the one that has been personalised like this particular car, we have seen so many e36 from sedan to coupe even the cabriolet with any kind of personalisations, but e36 compact? I dont think so.

Why am i saying this car is rather odd to the other model? Because i think it has some meanie and desireable face from e36 but when you looked from beside to backside you might think, umm okay it wasnt that desireable anymore.

Well if you known Mr. Dwn for a long time you know he is also a unique kinda guy, a rare one, that made this two recipes quite interesting, the thing that caught his interest was the bargain price then its model, he said how many e36 compact youve seen on Jakarta looking this good? Coupe? Many of them, cabrio? Still plenty, sedan? Evenmore, while compact there is not so many fish in the pond ya? If you know what i meant.

Mr. Dwn also known has is signature dwn style personalisation, he began his work by installed original mtech front bumper, rear, and side skirt. Dont get me wrong these items specially the side skirt and the rear bumper are hard to find.

Then he started to retouch the interior, that wasnt fresh when he bought at the first time, he changed it original cardinal rot backseat, mtech steering wheels, and recaro lx slider on the front.

Move on to the undercarriage, as wheelsworkshop and seller this will be the important thing and this sector are the one that always been his signature personalisation of all his car, static daily custom undercarriage not too low, but just enough paired with a set of Oz Futura R17 9-10, that made it just right!

The result is beautiful, the ugly duckling turn into a stands out duck in the pond, its clearly erased my disputed statement when he first bought this car.

The lesson is, you dont have to spent big money on modding cars, or a fancy pricey cars, you just have to be unique and think out of the box even its on the simplest ways you can think of, or at least thats what i thought when i met this guy.

hint: if you wanna see the silver lining but what i meant about Mr. Dwn signature styling there is more to come.

Well then, see ya on the next article.

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