Kiki Anugraha’s Slammed Toyota Alphard // An Outstanding Baby Stroller

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Being a father is more than just raising your kid well, but being responsible by changing your life. Being responsible is not just to get things done for it should be, but you need to make it great. For some people, having kids means that they need to gave up many things to focus on raising their children. I’ve known some fellow car enthusiasts that sold their modified cars, gave up their dream built for a while and start over when they’re financially free and have a lot of free time as their kid just graduated from college. When you realize to built your own car while you need to work 9 to 6 then taking care of your kids and having things together smoothly is really hard, then you know it’s such a rare opportunities if you can do it all.

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For Mr. Kiki Anugraha that currently running his business well and make the money work for him, he take it seriously to built his dream cars, taking care of his family, also the business. You may know Mr. Kiki by his tremendous Toyota GT 86 that equipped with Rocket Bunny Ver.2 kit. But, this article will talk about his Toyota Alphard that had already broke many necks anytime it rolls around Jakarta. But why now Alphard?

True Purpose of a Full Sized Luxury MPV

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Toyota Alphard was introduced to Indonesia in the beginning of 2002 to 2003 to beat the Honda Odyssey. Purposed as a ‘Limousine’ to many important people, business man, or as a wedding car to make sure you looks wealthy. Since the car was so spacious, and you always looks cool when stepped out from a car that has a rolling door than can opened by themselves, Toyota Alphard was quite winning the market as a luxury vehicle and beating many sedans. Even when Honda released Elysion and Nissan with their Elgrand, Toyota Alphard still didn’t move a thing! Well, you must admit that Toyota still rule Indonesia on automotive market classes from A to C!

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Family as A Priority

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Mr. Kiki didn’t just well known by his cool-ass Toyota GT 86, but also when he bought an electric pedal car to his first son, Navies. You may already see Navies strolling around car meet up with his slammed Audi R8 pedal car, right? It’s because Mr. Kiki share his passion with his kids. Anyway Navies was prepared with Honda HRV with Sevas forged S5 3pc 22″ et.40 9jj as Mr.Kiki and his wife daily driven to drop him anywhere they need
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Actually we’re pretty surprised when Mr.Kiki suddenly bought Toyota Alphard. But soon we heard that Mr. Kiki and his wife are expecting a child. Surprisingly, it’s a twins! So, On 9 December 2015, the twins came to this world and he named them Nabeel and Najwa. Nabeel in Arabic means Noble, and Najwa means Passionate. Since Mr. Kiki was well known by his passion in cars that very attentive to details, soon we’ve heard that his Toyota Alphard got a new looks.

Still For Daily

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Since this Toyota Alphard was meant for daily, Mr. Kiki didn’t intend this to be road scrappers or even a garage queen. That’s why he put  K-sport Super Professional 4 Channel Air Suspensions along side his previous Sevas Wheels. But the thing is, he didn’t stop there. Then later he put a Glanzen Silk Blaze bodykit all around. Then he change the wheels to VossenXWork collaboration edition VWS2 R20 9.5-10.5  with ATR Camber Kit to support the fitment and Stance Nation Green Lugnut as a finishing touch of his Toyota Alphard.

On Interior, Mr. Kiki still keep the condition on it should be. He just added JBL 2 Way with twitter and Rockford Active to gain a good in car entertainment.
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Well, Mr. Kiki is a great example of passionate enthusiast. So, if you have a good story, please tell us!

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