Jungle Land Autophoria 2016 // A Good Start on An Amusement Park

What’s happened when you have a car show on an amusement park? A couple months ago, we’ve been invited by some people from Bogor to attend Jungle Land Autophoria Contest. It was cool actually. To see the coolness of Jungle Land with their wicked amusement park and see some fresh builds from Bogor. So, here you go. The coolness of Jungle Land Autophoria Contest!

Jungle Land-2

Jungle Land-1

Jungle Land-3

Jungle Land-5

Jungle Land-6

Well, Didn’t know what’s the purpose of this… Anyone can tell us what’s the point?

Jungle Land-7

Is there any DUB Fans out there? Pretty cool job on Toyota Innova

Jungle Land-9

Nice C240!

Jungle Land-8

Jungle Land-11

Jungle Land-12

What a nice Hartge Wheels sittin’ on BMW E39

Jungle Land-13

Well, we’ve seen the perspective of car enthusiast in Bogor and they’re pretty cool. Most cars were clean and well modified. Actually not many cars were attended, but it was a good start for the committee to make it on an amusement park.


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