Japanese Wheels Meet Up 2 – After a year off

After successfully held the first Japanese Wheels Meetup on 2015 the committee decided to take a year off for some reasons, this makes the Japanese wheels enthusiast feel disappointed but also missing the vibe. Some people has informations from their inside man on the committee that the event will be held next year (it was on 2016 when I heard this info) so some of em preparing their car for this event, especially their wheels setup.
JWMU 2-1

JWMU 2-2

JWMU 2-4

JWMU 2-5

I personally believe that the event will better than the previous which is already setting the bar pretty high for car event at that time. When I was told about the event than knowing the venue was at Qbig BSD I knew it would be much better from the last one because the venue was more spacious, has a lot of good background for taking photo, many food tenants, place to chill and cool down and under a roof.

JWMU 2-7

JWMU 2-8

JWMU 2-9

JWMU 2-15725_3261003cb3_o.jpg” width=”1920″ height=”1280″ alt=”JWMU 2-10″>

When the registration was open it was divided into two categories VIP and regular, VIPs get the parking space on the mall area which means cooler photo, and the regular on the public parking space, and both with their owns other benefits like merchandise and stuff. The registration was open for 330 participant 300 for the regular 30 for vips.

JWMU 2-11

JWMU 2-12

JWMU 2-13

JWMU 2-14

On the D day Qbig mall was packed full of the participant since the first in the morning, I was coming to the venue very last minute due some issues, I was hoping it already not so crowded, but I was wrong it was still pretty crowded. After I parked then strolling around the vips area I could see all the rarest jdm wheels and very nice car with nice setup from meaty, to stanced cars, on the other I can see all the jdm monster such as Nissan GTRs, Evos, Subarus just like as I was expected.

JWMU 2-17

JWMU 2-18

JWMU 2-19

JWMU 2-20

JWMU 2-21

JWMU 2-22

JWMU 2-23

JWMU 2-24
The vip parking space was pretty good setup, nicely done by the committee. Move to the regular area, there are so many regular car blending in one space all with the jdm wheels to many to mention, but there is still some diamond in the rough that stood out among the others, such as Toyota supra, BMW M3, Nissan Z series and etcetera, too bad the regular space aren’t sterilize from other regular mall visitor, not so spacious and too bad the lamp are turned off by the mall officers.

JWMU 2-25

JWMU 2-26

JWMU 2-27

JWMU 2-28

JWMU 2-29

JWMU 2-30

JWMU 2-31

JWMU 2-32

JWMU 2-33

JWMU 2-34

JWMU 2-35

JWMU 2-6
But overall it was a really big day for the Japanese Wheels enthusiast, good event, good vibes.

JWMU 2-16
Credit to the committee!

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