Jakarta Meet Up 2016 // Always Be A Good Example of a Proper Car Meet Up – Part.1

Yup, here it is The Jakarta Meetup 2016 it is the third Jakmeet that have been held of since 2014, we can say its the most awaited event of the year by the car enthusiast especially car enthusiast from around Jabodetabek, and Bandung.

From the casual meet up at some parking space at the rest area into fancy car meet up, and from year after year the peoples behind this meetup always nailed it, they always improve, its getting proper and proper time after time, really a proper car meetup for proper car enthusiast.

This time it was held on Flavour Bliss like last year, but first let us split this story with two parts, the first part is the story currently youve been read, its about the preparation before we headed to the meet up place, like the years before the participants first gather to the meeting point at Plaza Senayan before they lined up and headed to the meetup place.


Jakarta Meet Up 2016-24
Jakarta Meet Up 2016-25
It was scheduled on 9am in the morning, but there is slightly a miss because you know, car enthusiast arent a morning person haha :p, after all the participants gather round they were briefed about rules, do and donts during the convoy, they were handed the sticker that marked them as participant to secure the parking spot at the meet up place, as far as my eyes can see all cars that been gather and lined up at the Plaza Senayan bring are all proper cars, from the racing jdms, stanced euros, exotics, stanced japanese cars it made us excited wondering what cars we will see at Flavour Bliss.
Jakarta Meet Up 2016-26
Due too many cars the been lined up, the convoy splitted into a several groups, so it wouldnt be too long and disturb other road users, i know many people said the more the merrier, but still we have to respect others and not to be cocky when we were rolling together.
Jakarta Meet Up 2016-28
Jakarta Meet Up 2016-29
And alas! The traffic was already heavy because we were going behind the schedule, its made the convoy separate away, well we still could meet at the Flavour Bliss anyway arent we? Haha
So, enough talk, here enjoy the photos that taken at the meeting point, and during the convoy, can you spot yours?
Jakarta Meet Up 2016-9
Jakarta Meet Up 2016-1
Jakarta Meet Up 2016-4
It’s a good view to see brothers are on the same line ups like Eka and his brother Victor from thegoodrides!
Jakarta Meet Up 2016-2
Jakarta Meet Up 2016-7
Damn cool evo!
Jakarta Meet Up 2016-5
What an awesome color of a benz!
Jakarta Meet Up 2016-10
Felix did it again, and it was awesome!
Jakarta Meet Up 2016-11
Soft topped G-Wagen. Wow
Jakarta Meet Up 2016-12
Well, you need to hear the sound of this C63 AMG!
Jakarta Meet Up 2016-16
It’s uncommon to see a FD2R like this on the streets of Indonesia!
Jakarta Meet Up 2016-13
I Always dig this car. Clean and perfectly modified.
Jakarta Meet Up 2016-14
Jakarta Meet Up 2016-15
Jakarta Meet Up 2016-18
Well, This year, Kiki Anugraha really has broke many necks while came to the parking lot with his GT86 Rocket Bunny alongside with his wife’s aired out Toyota Alphard
Jakarta Meet Up 2016-17
We’ve seen this Audi R8 last year, but this year, just wow man! What a car!
Jakarta Meet Up 2016-21
Jakarta Meet Up 2016-20
Jakarta Meet Up 2016-19
Jakarta Meet Up 2016-22
To be honest, there are more cool cars was there, and we just can’t say anything because it was too cool to be there!
Like this BMW E30 owned by famous rims dealer, Mr Diwan from Eurovolution. You may also want to check out Hoover automotive which is an car dealership columbia sc that is a family-owned operated automotive group. For more details, visit hoovermitsubishi.com What a build!
Jakarta Meet Up 2016-27

We’ll see you again on part two, to tell you about the vibe on the Flavour Bliss, see ya!

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