Indonesian Series of Motorsport // Our Perspective

Disclaimer: The article was our fully honest opinion about the activity Indonesian Motorsport, and we didn’t intended to provoke, or crushing the image of anyone. We only hoped the best for Indonesian Series of Motorsport, and all of Indonesian Motorsport activities.
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Indonesian Series Of Motorsport

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A couple weeks ago, I went to Sentul International Circuit and capture and feel the activity of Indonesian Series of Motorsport. Actually, I went there for the purpose of my new job as a community specialist who was eager to learn more. Surely it was not for But, I still bring my camera with basic equipment to take picture for fun. Since this website was a part of my journey as a car enthusiast, I really want to share what my perspective on this activities.
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The Indonesian Series of Motorsport was held almost every month  at Sentul International Circuit, the only circuit in Indonesia that privately held by some-ex-government-people. It was intense to see their activity. But honestly, it wasn’t well managed I must say. The asphalt was torn down, there’s a puddle around the pit, and the spectator side of the circuit. There’s a few people watch the race, but the circuit still looks like abandoned. It’s like you’re racing on an old game that didn’t visualize the viewers. The pit staff was rarely wear any uniforms. We’ve seen just a few racing team that really have a decent pit stop looks. It was quite shocking yet sad to see the atmosphere of Sentul International Circuit, one of Indonesia’s pride-especially Indonesian car enthusiasts

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Anyway, Sentul International Circuit was quite great on their glory days. Developed on early 90s and opened at 1993-the greatest era at our late president, Mr. Soeharto. It was the year when Catatan Si Boy was real dope. The cool cars, the Motorsport activities that really growing, it was a hell of a great times, we’re sure. There are a lot of notable race that happened at this circuit, the GP 500 (Motogp), Superbike, A1 Grand Prix, Formula Three, Formula V6, Porsche Carrera, and many memories that always be remembered for those who’s involved. Believing that our country still have hopes in Motorsport world.

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The Indonesian Series of Motorsport was divided by many classes. There were MBCI Championship, Euro 2000, Indonesia Touring Car Championship, Euro 3000, Super Touring Championship 2, Super Touring Car Championship, Old Skool Racing Championship, and Indonesian Retro Race.  All of those classes shown a huge interest within all the participant. Seeing them racing, we knew that there’s still hope in Indonesian motorsport scene

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The current standard of the circuit that below average, whether the supports from government was not effective, or the circuit was just abandoned by its management. Not to mention that even the spectators of the race that came from the loud speakers was ignored since the equipment was too old and the sound was just too squeaky. It’s a shame that the Indonesia’s only one ‘international standards’ circuit still equipped with 20 years old equipment. You will also amazed if there’s no official ticket to be on the circuit. You only need to pay Rp 20.000 for ‘parking fees’ and paid Rp 50.000 for a pink and shiny bracelets as your pass inside the circuit. We actually didn’t know if the money was for the management or not, but at least we can get in there.

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We do understand that racing is bad for business. There’s a lot of money that needed, and the price wasn’t paid off. But, it was good for advertising actually. So, let’s hope if there’s any brands that interested on making Indonesian motorsport better. Anyway, we still do believe if Indonesia will be better in the future especially on the perspective of motorsport. We didn’t know exactly when, but let’s hope for the best f our country

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