Goodrides & Banana Auto Present : Speed Matsuri – Honda Funday // Track Day and Drag Race

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We all know how fast the automotive culture in Indonesia has grown by seeing all the events that had came this past years. Back then, the people from had a great success for making the ‘Fast In Fast Out’ A track day while fasting. Banana Auto also a had a great event back then. The epic slide fest was a different events and also one of the epic so far. But this year, it was different. collaborate with Banana Auto had became a major success for making the Speed Matsuri – Honda Funday on 16 May 2015. The event provide all the participant for having a fun track day, drag race, auction and also a friendly meet up. With all the fun we all had, it was surely one of the greatest car events so far. We also had so many new things that we can’t wait to tell you.

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The journey starts at 6 AM in the morning. The person in charge for this journey was me and Iman while our good friend, Alfred Tamara went to Speedtuner Jakarta’s grand opening. It was a charm morning. Good traffic and also a good weather.

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When there’s a cool car events, there always be a rare car spotted on our way. Like this Honda Civic EK9. In Indonesia the EK9 was hard to find. So it was rare of course. So, the owner must be lucky!!

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The venue was on Sentul International Circuit. Sentul itself was designed for F1 Motor Racing standard since 1993. The 22 years old circuit was the only circuit that can challenge all the racing enthusiast and truly a car enthusiast on the track and high speed condition. The circuit located in Bogor area, much cooler area than Jakarta. But the pressure of the track was really serious. The sun breeze burning our skin and also the high tension caused by the hi rev Honda engines.

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Maybe we can say all the rare Hondas was attended this Honda Funday. As you can see from those Honda Accord Wagon to S2000 was attended Honda Funday. It was such one of the best line up we’ve ever seen.

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From rare line ups to cool Hondas was parked nicely at the visitor area. All of the Honda Enthusiast was came to see the events and it was worth it.

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At a Honda Event like this we also want to bring our decent Honda Brio owned by our cool videographer : Iman Kurniawan. Equipped with my ATS EVO 500, it was simple but cool! HA! FYI the preps for this event was kinda great thou. Iman had his car lowered 3 days before the Honda day, and after failed to put 15 Inch spoon to this car, finally in the name of curiosity we put my rims to this car, and turns out fresh!

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After finally arrived to the site, we’re going to PIT 50 to see our friend that also attended the Speed Matsuri, Mr. Ananto Budi Prabowo or you can call, Ivan (you can see his car ). Ivan Alongside with Mr Martin that bring his high powered Honda Civic EF was on PIT 50. We’re very grateful and thankful with Ivan because of his generosity for letting his Honda Jazz sticked with our big stickers.

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So there’s Ivan on his first start alongside the packs of Hondas.

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At this fun track day, there’s no limitation of specifications, all people who have Honda can join the race. Because the intentions was just for fun, so all the participant may be amateurs and pros.

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Speed Matsuri Honda Funday-1-38

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One different thing, the starting line was not from the starting grid. But all the participant can start from the pit lanes. So it was not about who finish first, but it’s about who can have fun to their fullest and can enjoy the drive.

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It was humid, it was hot, it was sweaty. But it was fun. So, who cares?. Look at the people who can still smile even thou there’s a lot of noise from loud engine and hot temperature from the beautiful sun.

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Speed Matsuri Honda Funday-1-46

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The people from Aragosta Suspensions also bring their fast and loud Honda Civic FD Type R

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