Fresh starts in 2015 – SDC Auto Fest 2015

Well, it was rarely for us for having a car meet up and contest in Serpong area. But luckily Evenium Management and Gerafallworks finally made one in early 2015 called SDC Autofest. Around 60 cars attended this contest and meet up. We’ve seen a good potentials from all the participants. The good impacts for an event in a suburban area is the traffic that won’t bother us to get there (But sadly we’re late to get there. But it’s okay LOL)

At this event one of our friend, Alfred Tamara generously helped us to take some pictures of the events. So you may enjoy his photography and we think that’s cool!. It was great for having a friend that could helped us. Unfortunately there’s no video at this coverage because Iman wasn’t there because he had something to do abroad. But it’s okay, we hope he brought us some cool stuffs from there 😛

In this event we’ve seen many cool cars attended alongside with the great crowds at this event. And we’ll hoping to have more awesome events that will coming this year. So, Please enjoy our coverage

SDC Auto Fest

SDC Auto Fest-5
Awesome VIP from Autofahren!

SDC Auto Fest AT 4

SDC Auto Fest AT

SDC Auto Fest AT 2

SDC Auto Fest AT 3

SDC Auto Fest AT_

SDC Auto Fest-22

SDC Auto Fest-16

SDC Auto Fest-61

SDC Auto Fest-62

SDC Auto Fest-63

SDC Auto Fest-14

SDC Auto Fest-15

Hypergloss ‘s team was absolutely great. With the cars that the brought shows the true cleanliness of cars and the sleekness that they brought was damn high. Our eyes struck with this Nissan Cefiro. Seeing this you may want one. We rarely seen a clean cefiro like this. Especially with its deep dish wheels that make the cars look bulky. Kudos to the owner and builder!

SDC Auto Fest AT_-2

SDC Auto Fest AT_-11

SDC Auto Fest AT_-10

Well not an interior that you’ll see everyday. Look at the amount of that speakers!

SDC Auto Fest AT_-5

SDC Auto Fest AT_-7

SDC Auto Fest AT_-8

SDC Auto Fest-30

This Honda Civic EG was sure one of the cleanest Honda that we’ve seen that day. Look at that purple BBS wheels that may catch your eyes!

SDC Auto Fest-28

SDC Auto Fest-35

SDC Auto Fest-53

SDC Auto Fest-10

SDC Auto Fest-13

SDC Auto Fest-2

SDC Auto Fest-3

SDC Auto Fest-50

SDC Auto Fest-51

SDC Auto Fest-4

SDC Auto Fest-39

The guys from Gerafallworks also can bring a good hype. With their cool and of course sleek cars they can bring a good crowds to the events. The Toyota Yaris with Zauber and Mazda Demio with Enkei NT03 was a neck breaker!

SDC Auto Fest-12

SDC Auto Fest AT_-12

SDC Auto Fest AT_-15

SDC Auto Fest AT_-13

SDC Auto Fest AT_-16

SDC Auto Fest-49

SDC Auto Fest-42

SDC Auto Fest-48

SDC Auto Fest AT_-6

SDC Auto Fest AT_-14

SDC Auto Fest-32

SDC Auto Fest-33

D’Punisher also can bring a great atmosphere. With their togetherness and good at teamwork, they deserves the best attitude car club. Wondering why they push that beast off the ‘arena’? Because their friend needs help, and that’s what friend are for, to look up your friend when they need to. Great job D’punisher!

SDC Auto Fest AT_-9

SDC Auto Fest-17

SDC Auto Fest-18

SDC Auto Fest-19

SDC Auto Fest-20

SDC Auto Fest-37

SDC Auto Fest-38

SDC Auto Fest-26

SDC Auto Fest-54

Here are the great duos from Basis Bintaro. Gustavo with his infamous Toyota Mark X and Mr Rangga with his superb Ford Focus. Always a neck breaker!

SDC Auto Fest-83

SDC Auto Fest-84

SDC Auto Fest-85

SDC Auto Fest-67

SDC Auto Fest-36

SDC Auto Fest-34

SDC Auto Fest-11

SDC Auto Fest-21

SDC Auto Fest-29

SDC Auto Fest-27

SDC Auto Fest-40

SDC Auto Fest-41

SDC Auto Fest-24

Well, No caption at this picture above 😛

SDC Auto Fest-43

SDC Auto Fest-44

SDC Auto Fest-59

SDC Auto Fest-66

SDC Auto Fest-87

SDC Auto Fest-8

SDC Auto Fest-9

SDC Auto Fest-45

SDC Auto Fest-46

SDC Auto Fest-47

At first Wailan thought it’s a converted Cefiro. But HELL NO! Apologies for his lack of knowledge, This is a Nissan Skyline Sedan owned by proudly Indonesian drifter, Amandio. Well this bulky 4-door was a hell of attention!! Holy great!

SDC Auto Fest-25

SDC Auto Fest-64

SDC Auto Fest-65

There’s also a fun slalom and drift session on the parking lot! Not your everyday views! Is this tokyo? LOL!

SDC Auto Fest-79

Wow! Our first version of Rolledlife’s Sticker was there (!! Awesome!!

SDC Auto Fest-55

SDC Auto Fest-57

SDC Auto Fest-56

SDC Auto Fest-60

SDC Auto Fest-71

SDC Auto Fest-73

Car limbo is a must for any car contest. But please, a limbo is a show for how low your car is, not how damaged that your friends can do to your car!! LOL

SDC Auto Fest-70

SDC Auto Fest-69

SDC Auto Fest-68

SDC Auto Fest-74

SDC Auto Fest-75

SDC Auto Fest-76

SDC Auto Fest-77

SDC Auto Fest-78

SDC Auto Fest-80

SDC Auto Fest-81

And there goes the ‘Beat the Bump!’. We suggest we should be careful while doing this. A slight mistakes will ruin your day! Many dents, engine broke, and smoke from the burnin’ tires always happens in this game! So respect your builds by not breaking it, but keep the fun in a good ways! LOL

SDC Auto Fest-82

The split-second time before anything ruined! Wow.

SDC Auto Fest-72

All the eyes are looking at this Ford Focus. We rarely seen a modified Ford Focus in our place. Seeing one just make us happy!

SDC Auto Fest-58

Well its a wrap from SDC Auto Fest 2015 last week. We hope you guys enjoy our coverage! See you guys at the next events!


Wailan Rawung
Alfred Tamara

Wailan Rawung

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