Our First Journey to Pekanbaru // Unique Comunita Car Festival II

Last month, I’ve been invited by my goodfriend, Dewa from Restart Autoclub Pekanbaru to attend his friend’s Car Festival from Unique Comunita. I’m very excited after got their invitation since it was our very first time to be in Pekanbaru. Anyway It was our 2nd time to reach Sumatra Island. The first one was from Dewa. He Invited us to attended some drag race in Padang. Pekanbaru was different from Jakarta. But one of the greatest thing that I couldn’t forget is their Durian Pancake. Ahh, one of the pancake that I can’t get move on!




When arrived at Sultan Syarif Kasim II International Airport, I was amazed to their airport not because it was big, or the infrastructure. But just because it was simple and clean. It was the only thing that makes us comfortable while traveling. Anyway, let’s focus on the Car Festival!

Pekanbaru Unique Comunita-1

Pekanbaru Unique Comunita-3

Pekanbaru car scene was cool since there’s so many rare cars that I can find around the city. Since Pekanbaru was used to be the same region as Batam Island, the home of rare cars! Anyway, The existence of Uwak from Vanthek Wheels also spice up the car culture around Pekanbaru since he provides many high quality parts from outside Indonesia. I can see one of Uwak’s mad creation, the pick up BMW E36. Radical!

Pekanbaru Unique Comunita-2

A neat Mitsubishi Lancer GLXI is something that worth to take. And yes, I kinda love the color of it!! LOL!

Pekanbaru Unique Comunita-5

Lancer Evolution VI Tommi Makinen ‘replica’ had finally broke our neck there. It was so good and dreamy!

Pekanbaru Unique Comunita-4

Nice Estilo, tho!

Pekanbaru Unique Comunita-6

This blue Mitsubishi Legnum had also caught my eyes!

Pekanbaru Unique Comunita-7

Pekanbaru Unique Comunita-12

Pekanbaru Unique Comunita-13

Also this pristine Honda Civic EK Hatchback with Mugen Wheels!

Pekanbaru Unique Comunita-8

Wow, A long way to go champs!

Pekanbaru Unique Comunita-9

Another mad creation of Uwak! What a color!

Pekanbaru Unique Comunita-11

FYI, this is not a VW anymore. The chasis and engine was came from a Jeep CJ

Pekanbaru Unique Comunita-10

Well, it’s a good choice to put Weds into a CRV!

Pekanbaru Unique Comunita-14

Pekanbaru Unique Comunita-16

There are so many Honda Civic FD1 Enthusiast here..
Pekanbaru Unique Comunita-17
Let’s hope that their quality of build will get better anytime soon!

Pekanbaru Unique Comunita-18

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve met this old Man!

Pekanbaru Unique Comunita-29

And he told me to take a picture of him. Still looks old tho!

Pekanbaru Unique Comunita-30

A selfie won’t hurt right?

Pekanbaru Unique Comunita-21

Pekanbaru Unique Comunita-21

What a G Wagen!

Pekanbaru Unique Comunita-15

Anyway a selfie in top of your hood still a thing at Pekanbaru. It’s their way of fun. So, don’t judge!

Pekanbaru Unique Comunita-24

Pekanbaru Unique Comunita-31

Pekanbaru Unique Comunita-32

Pekanbaru Unique Comunita-36

Pekanbaru Unique Comunita-33

Pekanbaru Unique Comunita-22

Anyway, the Car Festival from Unique Comunita was quite great since there’s more than 80+ Cars attended the fest, people were sharing a good laugh and having fun. So it was a great job guys!

Pekanbaru Unique Comunita-19



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