F10 Crew Indonesia – Morning Run on Independence Day!

Last week, we’ve been invited by the guys from F10 Crew Indonesia to get along their Morning Run during the Independence day on 17 August 2015. Nowadays, the morning run event was quite a common thing to do especially on Indonesian Independence day. While almost everybody spent their time on their home or even attended the neighborhood festivals, all the locals like to spent their time with another as a proud Indonesian. This year was special, it was the 70th birthday of Indonesian Independence days!

F10 Indonesia-11

F10 Indonesia-2

F10 Indonesia-3

F10 Indonesia-1

F10 Indonesia-12

Their agenda was quite simple, but fun!. It was started from Pantai Indah Kapuk, then a long way convoy to Cibubur rest area, finished on Sentul International Circuit parking area. More than twenty cars attended the meet up and it was quite a blast seeing BMW Enthusiast, especially the F10 Series gathers and speed up their pleasure machine on the road.

F10 Indonesia-5

F10 Indonesia-7

F10 Indonesia-6

F10 Indonesia-8

F10 Indonesia-9

F10 Indonesia-10

After a serious brief for the day’s agenda, all the guys started to prepare their car and communication devices so they can do the run safely and prevent any mistakes on the road.

F10 Indonesia-13

F10 Indonesia-14
Actually, on the first route (Pantai Indah Kapuk – Cibubur Rest Area) all the crews speed up so fast and sadly, our car can’t keep up with them, so this is the picture that we can get while they do the convoys!

F10 Indonesia-15
F10 Indonesia-16
F10 Indonesia-17
F10 Indonesia-18
F10 Indonesia-24
F10 Indonesia-28
F10 Indonesia-27

After lining up and fill up the fuel, all the crew gathers nicely on Cibubur Rest Area parking slot, and luckily it wasn’t so crowded that day! And what’s surprisingly, the gathering was a charm. All the crew talking about their BMWs especially the engines. As a car enthusiast, that day was a charm!

F10 Indonesia-29
F10 Indonesia-31
F10 Indonesia-32
F10 Indonesia-33
F10 Indonesia-26
F10 Indonesia-25
Then it goes to the photo sessions! Look at that happy bimmerhead-faces!

F10 Indonesia-22
F10 Indonesia-21
F10 Indonesia-23
F10 Indonesia-19
F10 Indonesia-20

After have some sight seeing and snap some pics of the crew, then we began again our trip to Sentul International Circuit, the one and only International Circuit since the 90s and is one of the Indonesian’s motorsport icon. Before we stepped our gas to Sentul, we briefed all the crew to slow down a little bit and make a good formation of cars on the way. Turns out cool!

F10 Indonesia-34

F10 Indonesia-35

F10 Indonesia-37

F10 Indonesia-36

F10 Indonesia-38

F10 Indonesia-39

F10 Indonesia-40

F10 Indonesia-41

F10 Indonesia-42

F10 Indonesia-43

F10 Indonesia-44

F10 Indonesia-45

After we arrive at Sentul, all the crews lining up nicely and prepare for photoshoot. But maybe it was because of the big parking spot, some of the participant began to test their car and do their own drag race. Sounds fun? of course.

F10 Indonesia-61
F10 Indonesia-65
F10 Indonesia-49
F10 Indonesia-49
F10 Indonesia-62

But unfortunately we’ve been disturbed by the ‘local guards’ that not allowing the crew to do their fun drag race by asking more money to do that. So, the fun’s over and let’s do the photoshoot!

F10 Indonesia-57

F10 Indonesia-56

F10 Indonesia-58

F10 Indonesia-60

F10 Indonesia-63

F10 Indonesia-64

F10 Indonesia-66

F10 Indonesia-51

F10 Indonesia-52

F10 Indonesia-54

F10 Indonesia-46

F10 Indonesia-48

the last part of the day was to put all the cars into one frame. It was quite hard to manage the crews to park their cars but we finally can made it great.

F10 Indonesia-68

F10 Indonesia-70

F10 Indonesia-71

F10 Indonesia-74

F10 Indonesia-75

F10 Indonesia-77

F10 Indonesia-79

F10 Indonesia-82

F10 Indonesia-81

F10 Indonesia-83

F10 Indonesia-85

F10 Indonesia-87
Suddenly some pretty ladies came out of nowhere! makes the warm day, even hotter!

F10 Indonesia-88

F10 Indonesia-96

A BMW is a magnificent works of arts. That’s why girls loved it very much!

F10 Indonesia-99

F10 Indonesia-97

F10 Indonesia-94

F10 Indonesia-93

F10 Indonesia-91

F10 Indonesia-90

F10 Indonesia-84

F10 Indonesia-89

It surely was a great day hanging with the guys from F10 Crew Indonesia. Sure we havin’ fun! Thanks guys for inviting us to your agendas! Cheers!


Wailan Rawung

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