BMW F10 520i – Widen’s Keen Sense of Taste

Widen F10-7Having a new BMW is so much pleasure. Anyway we may seen many BMW F10 Type on the road. But it’s rarely to see them modified on the street. But there’s some people who still want to make their car looks cool, but still can enjoy it’s driving pleasure. Having a BMW is not about sitting on the passenger’s seat. It’s about driving it and feel its pleasure. Most of BMW users I know want to make their BMWs faster than its stock condition and also modify its exteriors just to break anyone’s neck. Widen F10-8
Widen F10-10Widen F10-11

I met Mr. Widen on F10 Merdeka Run last August. But then, finally we can have our photo shoot on last Ied Adha. We can see what is really Mr. Widen put on his car is a modification that still seek its functions and not much major modifications that can break its BMW charisma. By putting PUR 4OUR.SP Euro Silver Wheels 20 Inch with Falken Azenis 453 : 245/40r20 & 275/35r20 and lowered with KW Street Comfort Coilover, also with its bulky Brembo bbk 6pot 380mm. All the parts surely can make the overall looks of the car different. The fitment was great, but anyhow still reliable on a daily basis.

Widen F10-13Widen F10-19

Widen F10-12Widen F10-14
Widen F10-15Widen F10-16
All the minor detailed was built with great quality to fulfill the quality of BMW masterpiece.

Widen F10-17The stock BMW Interior is always classy and it seems that its own stock conditions is enough. Widen F10-2
Widen F10-5On the Engine, Mr. Widen put Racechip Ultimate, and Racechip Response Control alongside with Gruppe M Ram Air System. For the exhaust, he uses Armytrix Exhaust Full System

Widen F10-6
For the overal body, Mr. Widen put M Sport LCI Bodykit + Ducktail + Front Grill & Vorsteiner Diffuser.
Widen F10-23
So, this features is one of a good example on how Form can be equal with Functions. All of the parts that Mr. Widen put on this F10 is plug and play and also reliable for daily basis. That’s why sometimes we need to make sure on how we modify our car. Is it enjoyable or just a garage queen.

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