BMW E36 323i 1995 Stance // Bronto’s All Time Favourite

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You guys may have seen this car somewhere near Jakarta Selatan or some event that car related and stuff. But you may didn’t recognize who the owner was. It was Subronto Laras. A humble man that currently living in the states to pursue his degree. We’re a little bit surprised when Riswan Rusdiansyah who’s got a rad Honda Civic just called us, telling that his good friend Bronto, just had his car done.

BRONTO E36 Stance-33

Anyway, before you read the further story about this car and his perspective on building a cool BMW E36 just like this, please do watch the video.

Bronto’s All Time Favourite

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It’s true that BMW just making a huge success by having an E36 from 1992 to 1998 as a part of their 3 series line ups. From sedan, compact, touring, and also their all time’s favorite, the M3 still caught many eyes, and many hearts, especially car enthusiast all around the world. You may seen a lot of BMW E36 video on Youtube, or some media just made a coverage about it and so on. All we can say is, the E36 is timeless. Just like the E30.

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We realize that the brand itself was inspiring. Like the youngsters from the 90s and the kids nowadays still love the BMW Products from sixties to millennials. For us, the BMW products from eighties to now, all of them still catches our bare eyes and we still in loved to see them running. But when it came to BMW finest 90s products like this BMW E36, we just so in loved about all aspect of this car. Despite the rust problem or even the engine that need a proper care, this car will be so enjoyable when you drive it.

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The creativity on modifying cars was limitless. You can do anything to it as long as it satisfy you. But when it came to the opinions from the others, it’s up to you whether to take their cents or not. Anyway modifying an E36 was quite common nowadays. Either you buy a standard E36, or buy the limited edition that came with many options, such as M-Tech bumpers all around, M-tech moulding, Pfeba spoilers, wood panel, and also the limited edition badge that people like to buy or hunt.

About Bronto’s E36

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When we met Bronto, this guy seems like a quite guy. But one sure thing that we know, he have a deep knowledge about cars and his taste was unquestionable. Maybe some of you didn’t know Bronto and what’s his perspective about BMW. But after knowing that he also collect a super rare BMW E30 cabrio, and super fast BMW M6 E63, we know that he’s serious about his passion and enthusiasm about cars, especially the BMW brands.
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Maybe some of us may think that Bronto kept the purity of the cars aside his main purpose. But, when we see all the hard work and the great quality of parts that’s been all over this car, it shows us that this car was all about quality. Bronto told us that almost aspect of this E36 has been restored. Starts from the rubber parts, engine, interiors and also the paint that  had been restored and cared with great amount of quality. Bronto just showed us that he build car with his own taste without forgetting the quality of his builds.
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The modification that Bronto put into this car was simple yet outstanding. The first change of this BMW E36 323i was the paint. Since he got this car basically Bronto inspired by the legendary grey color from Lamborghini called Grigio Telesto. Since he was so lucky to have this E36 Limited Edition that came along with M-tech bumpers all around plus the red interior also the 325i sunroof from the CBU version, Bronto just add some Rieger front lips and custom rear diffuser. The paint job was done by New Face and the natural wide-body was done by Brilliant.

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Sadly when Bronto got this BMW E36, the interior still restoration. So, he re-do the interior from door trim to top trim with Auto Leader. On the dashboards, he change the speedometer and also the steering wheels with the M3 version. On the interior’s panel, Bronto replaced the old wooden style with the carbon fiber materials.

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For the fitment, Bronto put Barramundi Design Fogo R18 9,5-10,5. The rumor said that this wheels was the first wheels that had been put into BMW E36 in Indonesia. Wow. So, to support the current fitment, Bronto put Airlift V2 Slammed into his E36 to make it reliable in any kinds of road, especially in harsh Jakartans road. Anyway, putting the air suspensions was a good idea. Especially when you want to see your car in a good shape and you still want to drive it around whenever and where ever you want to go. So it’s a good thing that Bronto kept aside the ego of being static and use bags to make his car looks cool every time.

Meet The Man Behind

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The built of this E36 won’t be this awesome without the help of Bronto good friend, Riswan Rusdiansyah. It happens when Bronto didn’t have much time to make this car done due some study that he need to attend in the united states, Riswan came to help him to involve in the process. Turns out, the project went successful as you guys can see in this car. Well, big thanks to Riswan!\

Editor Side Note : The process of the shoot

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For us, curating all the car builds and the owner story is very important. As you guys know that was meant to show people around the world about Indonesian Car Culture. It’s about the people behind the steering wheels and the hands, the creative minds behind the built was our top priorities.

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Shooting Bronto’s E36 was the longest journey of all time. As we’re now busy working and developing our own businesses, It took a lot of effort and time to do this. Took more than a month to make the photo shoot and video shoot done. But when we see the quality of the content, we just very delightful. Even as a quality hunter, we still see many flaws in this coverage due to a little time and minimum equipment to do it, we still glad that we did it.
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Thank you for watching, thank you for reading.
Best Regards,
Wailan Rawung


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