BMW E36 320i Coupe // Gerard’s Humble Pride

Gerard BMW E36 320i Coupe-33
Well, having a quite old car is not an easy task to do. Especially when you have the car that born from 90s and wasn’t well known as the over engineered ones. BMW was well known by their innovations, their advance technology about the future. Like in 1992 to 1998, you can see cars that running on its own diagnostic with a smart computer that sitting under the dashboard. It was a unique experience to sit in this 90s advanced technology, driving it in 2017 and feels like you go back in time when technology wasn’t as cool as this. Twenty years ago you can’t call somebody or even take pictures with something that looks alike a chocolate bar wasn’t it? If you’re fortune enough, you will have a huge telephone with cables in the middle of your consoles or you need to drive around and stopped by a telephone booth to call someone that is really important.

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Running this kind sometimes can be pain in the ass. I have one myself. We need be to compromised more about this car. A lot of struggle I think to my fellow enthusiast who drove a BMW E36. But the feelings of driving it on a good condition, on a perfect surface of an asphalt, the sound when you hear the noise of the engine rolling it cylinders hard and deliver the power through the drive train, and the suspension that makes the maneuver smooth, and the computers that tell the car is okay, it’s a bliss.

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I’ve known Gerard around 3 or 4 years ago while he’s still driving a BMW 320i E36 Saloon. The car is really okay. A good condition of 6 cylinders – straight six, automatic transmission, M-Tech Body kit since it’s limited edition, Breyton Wings, with combination of Japanese wheels or sometimes a Breyton wheels. That car really brings back 90s memories for some others. But around 2015, suddenly he sold that car. Surprisingly, came back with the same car but with different doors!. Now, Gerard drive a BMW E36 320i Coupe.

Gerard BMW E36 320i Coupe-1

Gerard BMW E36 320i Coupe-2

I asked Gerard about how on earth can he sold his BMW E36 320i Sedan? Just, why? “Well it’s kinda long story, man” he said. “At first I was thinking of getting a younger daily like BMW 318i or 325i E46 sedan. But then, I found this perfectly restored BMW 320i E36 Coupe, bright red, sittin’ on A M52B28 engine inside. The interior was also one hell of a job. I got this car with Alcantra leather combined with fabric and a Vader seat for M3. I stumbled upon this car and luckily, my car sold and my family had enough money to get this lovely red car home. It was a bliss for me.” Gerard said.

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Since I’ve seen there’s nothing much to do with this car when I first saw this car, then I asked Gerard about what’s next or what you’ve done after you got this car. Well, “nothing much”, he said. ” First I bought a 3 spoke steering wheel, and an M3 Speedo meter to this car. I also put my old Breyton wings to this car, and put some Japanese wheels like this SSR Professor SP1 17×7,5-8,5 ET10-18. But that didn’t stopped me to put some German wheels like Remotec-Borbet or even a Breyton” He said.

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Gerard BMW E36 320i Coupe-4

Gerard BMW E36 320i Coupe-10

Gerard BMW E36 320i Coupe-32

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Anyway, on the past 2016, I’ve seen that there’s a slightly change on our culture. More car has built proper and drive-able. I see people getting on to love their car more. Gerard does the same thing. I’ve never seen this coupe dropped down to the ground. I’ve always see this car rolling with a proper heights but still looks cool!. Maybe Gerard have the same perspective with me. He seeks a comfortable drive that still makes your car looks good.

Gerard BMW E36 320i Coupe-30
Gerard BMW E36 320i Coupe-31
One hell of a job on having a car like this bro!

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Gerard BMW E36 320i Coupe-18


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