BMW E34 520i 2800cc 1993 // Rudyn’s Pristine Box of Happiness

For us car enthusiast, there’s always be one particular car that we always wanted since we were little. Even our taste in cars will change overtime, that particular car will always be remembered. It’s like your first love that won’t ever be forgotten. For me, I have a crush on 7 series E38 since elementary school. I remember that I first saw the car on the heavy traffic of Jakarta, deep black BMW E38, rolling slowly with deep set of wheels. Luckily, the first car that I touched was BMW E28 520i. Sadly I had to sell it when I got into Junior High School, and I can’t ever forget how old BMW smells, and how rigid they were while rolling on the streets.

Talking About BMW

Talking about car brands, we know that BMW is the most *lovable car brand among car enthusiast. Because we always have a great kind of topic while talking about BMW since the brand has provide many kind of products to many segments. We can talk about its performance, fuel efficiency (Newer model), or modification with many kind of tuners and options. The models were also timeless. We can see E28, E34, or even F10 as a cool cars until now, and there’s still any car enthusiast that will have a long conversations while talking about those cars.
The same perception that we got about this brand are same with Mr. Rudyn. I first stumbled upon his Instagram page and see his pristine BMW E34 with many collections of BMW OEM wheels and BBS wheels, and it was really-really inspirational. I mean, you know when you see a car that have a very great conditions inside-outside, you just want to own one, for real. I suddenly want to own a pristine E34 just like Mr. Rudyn has. Anyway, It turns out that me and Mr. Rudyn are on the same BMW Club, the BMW Car Club Indonesia Jakarta Chapter.  So, long story short, I invited Mr. Rudyn to have some photoshoot and videoshoot with my friends from Rolledlife. So, at that time, it was Me, Iman, and Azka.

Depth Verdict about Rudyn’s BMW E34 520i 2800cc 1993

When I first see this E34 for real, and see all the details that been put into this, I really appreciate on how pure, and how great the build was. It’s funny that I can say Mr. Rudyn is one of the greatest BMW enthusiast. It’s shown by how all the parts that he put into this car is all original, and top notch. We can start by the exterior. You can see the pristine-and-always-shine paint that been sprayed into this car. The lights also very clean, and on a really good conditions.
Then, you can see the Zender bodykits. It was all original, and really match the car. Honestly, I prefer the Zender type of kits than the M-Tech ones. I don’t know about you, guys. Feel free to comment!
On the next part, you can see the wheels, the rare BMW Style 20 or you can say Throwing Star. It was also in a really good condition. The choice of tires are also matched with the wheels.
On the Engine, I can say that it’s really well maintained. The funny truth is, Mr. Rudyn put a M Power Cap just for fun. But the inside is a M52B28 2800cc BMW Engine.
My most favorite part of the car is, the interior. It was really great to be inside of the car. With a combinations of Nappa leather seats, Alcantara panels, BMW M5 Speedometers, all-working gauges, and On Board Computers, it was awesome. For real, when you have a chance to see this car, please do see the interiors.

By seeing this car, we can say that this car have a great quality of builds, and we believe on the passions that Mr. Rudyn have to make the car like this.

The Sentimental Story

When I asked about the journey of this car with Mr. Rudyn, it turns out that this car is owned by Mr. Rudyn’s family since new. They bought it in 1993 while Mr. Rudyn still in Junior High School. It was unforgettable when he saw the car first rolled out from the showroom. All the memories that Mr. Rudyn had on his teenage years was filled with this car until he go to the College. Sadly while Mr. Rudyn went to college abroad, the car was entrusted to his family’s relations.
Sadly, when Mr. Rudyn finished his degree and went back to Indonesia in 2007, he found the car was on its worst conditions. After finally he brought the car back, finally on 2010 he managed to restore the car. It’s started with the engine, and then the exterior. It was a long yet memorable process, he said. By seeing the end result of the restoration that have a similar conditions while he saw the car first time out of the dealership, it was really beautiful time of the year.
The car also brought him some trophies like The Best Single Tuner on the Indonesian Bimmerfest, and several awards that appreciate the builds and story.  Now, Mr. Rudyn just want to enjoy the car, as he said that he really satisfied with the car. The only recent modification that he put into this car is just changing the wheels based on his OEM and BBS Wheels collections. So Dreamy!

The Shoot Sessions, Words from the Writer.


The last part of the article is about how can we manage to create this post. The photo and videoshoot sessions took more than 2 months, and the post production took 1 month with total 3 months since we first met Mr. Rudyn. Those 3 months was wasted to our own business and activities. It was kinda awful to be like this. It’s true that our own business and activities really took us apart from keeping the Rolledlife blog alive. But by having the result of the photoshoot, and the video, we’re satisfied. Thanks for Mr. Rudyn that still want to make the content creation went well. He even brought the car with a newer look with his set of BBS RF

We just want to provide good content about cars since it was our passion, and we’re really happy and appreciate when our followers and friends really reminds us to bring more good content like this. I hope you’ll like the content, and here’s a video about Mr. Rudyn BMW E34

Thanks for reading!



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