BMW 330Ci E46 With Rotiform HUR // Felix’s Dream Car Essentials

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What’s your dream car, really? It’s the most typical enthusiast’s questions when dealing with other enthusiasts. Last week, we met our long lost friend, Felix Susanto. We’ve met him when we shoot his previous VW Golf MK6 GTI with OZ Futura. Later on last year, we’ve heard him change his MK6 wheels with Rotiform HUR. With his two-door VW Golf MK6 GTI rolling with red Rotiform HUR, it was neck breaking!

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So, earlier this year, we’ve heard he just sold his car. The rumor was he wanted another coupe, European coupe. It turns out to be BMW (Of course) E46 330ci. But, Why? We know VW Golf MK6 GTI two-door was more than enough. So, long story short, it was Felix’s one of dream car’s essentials. Well, it’s not M3 (Still hard to find around Indonesia), but still cool!. Anyway, we know that when you buy a BMW, you must really sure of what you get. Owning a BMW is really tricky, since the condition can make your car to be disaster than fun. But this time, Felix got it right. The condition from engine, body, to interior is just almost perfect. Well, the age of the car was more than 10 years if you may ask, but with the proper maintenance it will work like a champ.

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BMW E46 was one of the best selling BMW in Indonesia after the huge success of E36. With its reliable options of M43 to M54 engines, the reliability and the performance will fulfill any car enthusiasts, especially the Gearheads. All of the BMW that came from early 2000 was the products that came from the result of transitions of 90s to Millennium. But the feature was quite great. So, it’s fun to have one of this.

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The modification that Felix put into this car was practically the same from his previous MK6. This BMW E46 330ci was equipped with M3 bodykit, Custom exhaust system, Bags over Coilover with Airlift tank, and gauge, Rotiform HUR 18inch 9,5-10,5. The most outstanding part was the wheels. This futuristic design of Rotiform still match the BMW E46 that came from the year of 2000. It was outstanding. Not to mention that Felix didn’t put a massive wide body kit, the car was just simplified the “less is more” thing.

Felix E46 Stance-15

Felix E46 Stance-30

Felix E46 Stance-23
Well done for him. Anyway we’ve recorded some snap of his story about this car. Check it out!


Felix E46 Stance-18

Felix E46 Stance-18

Felix E46 Stance-26

Felix E46 Stance-26

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