Bandung West Java Automotive Car Show 2015 – Totally Awesome!!

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Last week we’ve been invited by our new friend, the Paguyuban Organizer to fill up their event media partners line up for the Bandung West Java Automotive Car Show 2015. It was one of the most prestigious event in west java. In my opinion, having a ‘West Java’ and ‘Bandung’ as a name of an event was big responsibilities it was representing Bandung as a city and west java as a province in Indonesia. So its must be big and prestigious. But Paguyuban Organizer has succeeded to make this event for the 5th time in the last past years and this year was different. They took Husein Sastranegara International Airport in Bandung as their latest venue for the car show.

It was one of the most interesting car show that we’ve seen so far. While having fun on sight seeing all the cool cars that nicely showing, we can see all the aircraft take offs, landing, and also parking. It was really cool. I never seen a situations like that in my entire life. Too bad for Iman for having Saturday classes and unable to go there!

West Java-103

West Java-4

For the participants, it was quite a good show. Many cool cars was there. You may seen all the stance, slammed, or even OEM+ here. But there’s also the JDM, USDM, and also Extreme Enthusiast. Surprisingly, I also seen my good friend latest built in Bandung. It seems like many people from Jakarta also attended this event. Maybe because of their brand new concept, many people interested to go there. I think this kind of event that many car enthusiasts need. Not just usual contest that seeks for profit, but we need some kind of new thing for the scene. Many people told me that nowadays all the car contest and meet up seems boring. But besides Jakarta Meet Up this year, the Bandung West Java Automotive Car Show 2015 was one of a car show that never make us bored. With their tight schedule, from Beat the Bump, motorbike attractions, car limbos, burn out competitions, sexy car wash, and many more. So, how cool Bandung West Java Automotive Car Show 2015? There’s been 281 participant from both Community and Autoshop

West Java-5

West Java-9

West Java-14

West Java-99

West Java-73
Anyway the crowds was on a good vibes. But I realize some thing that really important that I hope will be a good advise for any event organizer in the future. We are aware of many Food and Beverages trash was all over the venue. It was a common problem for any outdoor event. But it will be good for having more trash can on the venue. Anyway we also need to aware for this kind of problem. We need to put our own trash in its place, the garbage can. I think I need to told you guys about this because I believe a car show is a place when you put your prestigious car as a result from your effort on building cars, not just a regular parking lot with lots of trash around. It’s so not fancy and will disturb all the image from the medias. Thank God to Adobe Photoshop for creating their own Stamp Tool. We can rid all the F&B Trash around these cool cars just on the images.

West Java-25

West Java-77

This one was one of sexiest 350Z that we’ve seen so far. Look at that wide!

West Java-23
West Java-101

This mini was sittin nice with Work Seeker DX. The simple combination and proper ride height makes the car looks adorable.

West Java-24
We are aware that this Mazda Miata just changed its color to green from Metallic Red. How do you guys think?

This Honda Stream RN^ was reminds me of my car when using OZ Superturismo. But the wheels on this Honda Stream was OEM Wheels for Evolution GSR made by Enkei.

West Java-47
Another Honda Stream RN6 but this time showing its intercooler with Work Kiwami.

West Java-53

This Honda Civic Estilo was one of a good example of modifications on Honda Civic. FYI this Honda Civic was from Banjarmasin. So, The owner drop the car to Jakarta to attends several car shows. Awesome!

West Java-54

West Java-55

This BMW E46 325i was wicked. We believe that there was 2 set of wheels in this car. Even both are Enkei RPF-1, but the wheel texture was different. Front was goes out, and Rear was concave. Wicked!

West Java-56

Maybe from the outside, this is just like any regular Subaru Impreza STI. But on the Inside, maybe you need to hear how its muffler roars!

West Java-105

West Java-17

West Java-18

West Java-19

West Java-20

West Java-21

Do you see what’s different on this Mazda RX-8??? Straightly Mitsubishi 2.0 L 4G63T on the hood. Well Damn!, totally insane to put Mitsubishi engine on a Mazda RX-8. But this beast is the thing that we really want to see on how will it be in the future!! Proficiat!

West Java-16

Honda Fit on BBS RF is totally a great job. Look at that fitment!

West Java-15

Always luv the meaty BMW E30. Especially on Remotec Wheels.

West Java-71

West Java-12

Well, I never seen any Toyota Innova this sleek. With Enkei RP-01 Truly changed the whole looks. Mr Prayoga really do the right thing to his Toyota Innova. So, Where’s the Marino?

West Java-59

West Java-6

This BMW E46 330CI was truly a neck breaker. Anyway Orange was quite a common color these days. But this BMW really shows its own color!!

West Java-11

West Java-35

West Java-36

This meaty Honda S2000 was really cool. Rare of course. But I think thinner tire profiles and lower the height a little bit will make it more awesome!

West Java-61

West Java-62

West Java-10

Wow, a slammed W204 with OZ Futura. Well outstanding class, Sir!

West Java-13

Another Slammed Sedan : Honda Accord

West Java-50

Remember this Avantgarde from our previous features? Yes, Mr Marco also brought his CLK all the way to Bandung. Respect!

West Java-60

Mr. Frido with his stunning BMW F20 rolled with Work Gnosis GS2. Anyway, in my own humble opinion, I still prefer the work seeker CX with its killer color on this BMW F20

West Java-57

West Java-84

West Java-58

West Java-85

West Java-91

West Java-95

West Java-92

West Java-93

West Java-94

Yes, Mr. Gustavo also came alongside the #BASBIN Community. Anyway I give my good friend a salute after seeing him struggling to get home in the Cipularang Toll road with its static and really lowered to the ground conditions. Not to mention bringing his 80/100 Work CR 2 P Stance Nation Limited Editions with his Toyota Mark X.

West Java-90

West Java-42

West Java-41

West Java-43

West Java-67

West Java-52

West Java-66

This was surprised me. Mr Onta really know how to make a ‘silent’ project. This Toyota Crown Suddenly came out with this stunning blue. I really don’t know what kind of blue this is, but this is totally awesome! Nice VIP!

West Java-63

West Java-44

West Java-8

West Java-45

West Java-46

This was one of a good example of a true car enthusiast. Mr Josua Paul finally can brought his lovely Honda City SX8 to life again and running tastefully with a rare set of Epsilon Meshies. Loved it!

West Java-40

Wow, so wide. Never seen any Toyota Corolla Altis this wide. What do you guys think?

West Java-39

Well this is nicely done BMW Z3. Finding a good piece is a little bit hard these days. This is a good example!

West Java-69

All the Japanese Retro enthusiast must’ve love Mr. Afrizal Honda Accord Vigor So much!

West Java-1

Well an exotic on a hot day? Why not!

West Java-96

Well, this Honda Jazz with a set of Enkei RS Evo turns out cool. Sleek!

West Java-100
Honda Civic ES with a set of Work Vs XX. Yummy!

West Java-97

Well this BMW E90 was fabulous. Look at that shiny purple! Awesome work BTX Concept!

West Java-3

Sleek Lancer Evo was enough to make you crave for having one of them!

West Java-98

So much retro in one frame? Of course.

West Java-51

Well, despite the rust that been all over the car, look at that 15 Inch OZ Turbo!! beautiful.

West Java-64

West Java-65

West Java-68

So much elegance and flamboyant in 3 pictures. All of them shows good quality on modifications. Applause!

West Java-70

Mr. Riefki always bring up something awesome with his BMW E46! Look at that perfect fitment!

West Java-73

Seeing a clean E36 with M-Tech Body kit and a set of BMW motorsport always touch my deep down feelings. Thank you Mr. Randana Prayuda! Such an awesome car!

West Java-74

Well, This Civic FB was quite great! Look at that cambers! Good Job Bemper Auto Club!

West Java-75

Slammed Tiger. Cool..

West Java-76

A gold finishing on a solid black Honda Jazz was a great combinations. Good Job Mr!

West Java-78

Again, a purple enthusiasts with a set of prestigious OZ Futura!

West Java-79

Offroad? Why the hell not?!

West Java-27

West Java-28

Shiny Red on Honda Accord Euro. Look at that deep dish wheels!!

West Java-33

Well, another slammed Toyota Mark X. Real Cool Mr!

West Java-2

This minty Toyota Aristo just shows how cool it is to run on air suspensions!

West Java-49

Another Wicked Honda Civic FB!

West Java-48

A selfie? It’s a must!

West Java-38

Perfectly Restored Honda Life for you, Honda Fan!

West Java-32

Only look at the picture you will define clean and sleek. Yes, This Civic Ferio shows a clean build will cause a high amount of awesomeness.

West Java-80

EK9 Hatchback for the day. This is heaven!

West Java-81

If you look closely, you will realize how true OEM this Toyota Corolla is.

West Java-82

West Java-83

These two cars above is Mitsubishi Lancer Cedia and Honda City SX8. Both of them still shows their own identity and both of them is really fast on the straight track. Beware if you see these two.

West Java-34

This Kia Carnival I might say really unique and totally out of the box. Good job!

West Java-87
West Java-88
West Java-89

All of the high performance cars was gathered and reserved the VIP spot. Wow, this event was just really classy.

West Java-102

A full Vortech kit for FT 86 engine. What do you guys think about this FT86?

West Java-104

Some enthusiast told me about these kind of fitment. It’s called “Ceper Dewasa” LOL!!!

West Java-108
West Java-30
Feeling blue? No, happiness when I see this Honda Prelude alongside with Work Meister.

West Java-26

So bright E46. Love every aspects of it bro!

West Java-29
A true Retro Honda Bike Enthusiast must’ve known what this is

West Java-31
What a clean fitment on this Honda Integra. WOW.

West Java-106

West Java-86

West Java-107

Well that’s a wrap for West Java Automotive Car Show 2015. We hope that next year, there will be more awesome event by Paguyuban Organizer. Good Job guys!


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