A Hunter’s treasure – Sandy’s Toyota Corolla L Touring Wagon

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In this small world, there’s so many type of car enthusiast. From the classic gear head, Stance and fitment believers, to OEM Hunters. Last week, we met Sandy. The guy from Great Corolla Club that had found and built the rare Corolla AE101 L Touring Wagon. The Toyota Corolla AE101 was commonly known as a subcompact sedan in Indonesia. One of the most common city cars in its own age. Until now, the Toyota Corolla enthusiast has collecting many AE 101 OEM parts around the world. From JDM, USDM to EUDM. FYI, the Toyota Corolla in Australia is known as the Holden Nova. So, as a corolla lovers surely they have a lot of things to get for satisfy their needs as a Corolla enthusiast. OEM Hunters, we may say.

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While we did the photo shoot of this rare wagon, Sandy told us that this Toyota Corolla is based on the L Touring Wagon. After the car been imported to Indonesia, Then he collect all the parts of BZ Touring add on and put all of his ‘treasures’ from his previous full spec AE 101 Sedan to this L Touring. The purpose of why he chose the L Touring than the BZ Touring is, he wanted to have an effort while building this car. Maybe it’s a car enthusiast’s own call. Some of us want it to be fast, but some want it built slowly and enjoys the effort. But surely, the purpose of building cars is to enjoy any step, any process before it’s done.

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There’s something that we think cool of this Corolla L Touring. It’s not just the Recaro CSE Electric seats or the Recaro Spectrum that equipped inside this car, But the Air Fantasy that Sandy has put in his L Touring’s Dashboard. The Air Fantasy system itself was connected to the vehicle’s own air-conditioning system and would pump small bursts of scented air (from one of three replaceable scent packs) either automatically or on demand through the air vents. Although the roof unit is relatively common for an optional extra, the Air Fantasy is especially rare. So to have all of its OEM Parts is not just about money. It needs more effort and luck. Kudos to Sandy who can collected all the parts from the easy one to the rarest piece.

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The AE 101 stock engine, the 4A-FE 1600cc is a reliable engine. A Twin-Cam Engine, double overhead camshaft can be both efficient and fun in many road conditions. That’s why the 4A-FE can also be modified and delivers much more reliable power to use it in motorsports like drag racing or touring. The Toyota Corolla clans have various engine heads. Like the Corolla GT has its own 4A-GE engine. That’s why there’s some people swapped their AE101 engine, 4A-FE to 4A-GE Black Top

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When building cars, it’s not about how fast your car, how expensive the parts, and how rare the parts. It’s about process and efforts. Sometimes it can be sentimental. A person can’t describe why they put a lot of efforts, time, and money to hunt the parts that they want to. Hobby is a hobby, and love is love. When a person love something, it can be very sentimental. Kudos to all the OEM Hunters in Indonesia. It’s hard, but it’s fun. So, keep hunting guys!


– oem Bz Touring front bumper

– oem Bz touring lips front bumper

– oem Bz touring foglamp

– oem Bz touring gril

– oem Bz touring side stiker

– oem Bz touring retract side mirror

– oem Bz touring headlamp black smoked

– oem Bz touring corner signal black smoked

-Oem BZ Touring Retract Side Mirror

-Oem AE 101 parking phole elektrik

– Oem Ae 101 yakuza side skirt

– oem Bz touring rear lips bumper

– OEm Bz touring decal

– HId philips 6000k (headlamp)

– hid xenon 6000k ( foglamp)

Engine & performa

– stock engine 4A-Fe 1600cc Porting Polished

– NGK iridium spark plug

– NgK spark plug cable

– TRD oil cap

– TRD radiator cap

– OEM Ae 101 3 point strut bar

-K & N air filter

– GReedy oil tank

– Greedy cover

– Hks volt stabilizer

– full set samco

– HKS mufler


– oem Bz touring dashboard

– oem Bz touring arm rest

– oem Bz touring speedo cluster

– oem Bz touring lever light & wiper

– oem Bz touring instrument panel tray

– Oem Bz touring under steering column A/c outlet

-Oem Ae 101 matic cup holder

– Oem Ae 101 1Din multibox & secret box

– oem Ae 101 clean box

– oem Ae 101 map light

– oem Ae 101 air fantasy

– OEM Bz touring carpet

– Recaro spectrum elektrik

– Recaro spectrum back seat

Chasis & wheel

-KyB excel B absorber

– custom lowering spring

– enkei Rs evolution (2 piece) R17x8,5-9,5

– falken 205/40/17


Words / Photo : Wailan Hizkia Rawung

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