A Fresh Start – Adi raka’s BMW E87 120i 5-door hatchback

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Nowadays Indonesian Car Culture getting bigger and many car enthusiast learns how to make a good and proper car as they want to. There’s so many car styles that you may see nowadays. From Stance, JDM, USDM, EUDM, or even a track-daily. But it all depends on the owner passions. From that kind of styling every car enthusiast need to adapt to the car enthusiast’s environment or learns about their car’s proper modifications. Some people may learns from their car community, or even their families who was a car enthusiast.

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This article will tell you about someone’s fresh starts about his days as a car enthusiast and his car.His name is Adiraka. He have so much interest in cars since he was a kid because his father is a car enthusiast himself. Many of his dad’s influence brings Adiraka to love the Europeans made car. From W202 C180 as his first car, then changed to this BMW E87, his passion about clean and proper car made this E87 to look simple and fresh.

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This BMW e87 120i is the first 1 Series line up that BMW made. 1 series itself replaced the 3 series as the smallest and the cheapest car line ups in BMW’s product line. The 1 Series Coupe also marketed as the successors of BMW 2002. The purpose of the inventions is to fulfill the needs of it’s compact design to drive around busy town with the BMW’s great performance. But Sadly Indonesian market doesn’t have more interest in this compact product of BMW. Indonesians have more interest in Japanese city car because the price is cheaper than this bavarian compact. So, that’s make this 1 series is rare to find in Indonesia

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Because of its rarity, that brings Adiraka to chose this 1 series to be his new car last year. The year is newer and the fuel consumption is more efficient to his last car, the Mercedes Benz W202 C180. Seeing Adiraka came into Indonesian Car Culture proves that age won’t affects the taste. This simple style BMW or you may call OEM+ is also a prove that a simple touch will affects the whole game.

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The modification that Adiraka put to this BMW is not much, but he will add more modifications like adding an eisennman exhaust, top spoiler, retrofit paddleshift and also M Tech Steering Wheels in the future. The mod of this E87 is BBS CH 19×8,5-9,5 inch et 35-40 covered with 225/35 front and 235/35 rear. To get a good stance, Adiraka chose STD coilover to lower the car in a good and proper ways.

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Adiraka’s is one of the proves of Indonesian Car Culture’s growth. Of course there’s so many modifications that we may likes and don’t likes. But after seeing this young man’s works, we hope his car will be more killer next time. See you later pal!

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For Interior, Adiraka loves to keeping it OEM. In future he like to add M Tech Steering wheels to the interior. He liked it original and simple because the interior’s design of this E87 was a great piece of work of BMW. The OEM+ is a great style to applies because of it’s simplicity but still cool to get rolled!


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