A Childhood Dream – Irfan Aditya’s Toyota Starlet GT 2-door EP82

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There’s something that you always dreamed of since childhood. Anything! Like having a great big house, conquer the world, having a jet plane, tanks, or even a car. Sometimes, those dream can come true! Just like Irfan Aditya. Having a high performance and surely good looking Toyota Starlet was one of his childhood dreams, although when you’re an adult you know there are options to get the car of the house, such as the houses for sale in fairfield ct so you can find your idea. home.

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2 Years ago was a struggling years for Irfan while searching the Toyota Starlet GT that meets his standards. He said, he’s been looking a proper Toyota Starlet GT that on sale for months. But suddenly his brother found a 2-door Starlet GT that located in Bandung. While he finally meet this car, the condition of the car was absolutely perfect. Besides its rarity because of the 2-door model, the engine bay and the modifications that this car has was well built. So, without any long and thoughtful considerations, Irfan decided to buy this car.

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For the engine, he put SR Exhaust, NGK Sparkplug Wiring fireball coil, and add SLD TRD from SS Performance bandung. Surely this car was built for speed and also reliable for daily driven.

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At first Irfan personalized the style of this car by changing the wheels to Enkei Neve. Maybe its not about fitment, but surely it functional to the fullest. For the exterior, he changed the hood scoop to a carbon fiber’s scoop.

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Irfan told me that he like Toyota Starlet from its engine that can deliver so much power in its class. Also Toyota Starlet have so many add on that can applied on. Toyota Starlet is one of the Toyota’s favorite car in its generations. Especially the EP70 and EP80 model in Indonesian market. This car was the answer for the traffic in the city like Jakarta. With its small chassis. Toyota Starlet can conquer the traffic jam, and also can run fast on the highway.

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A 4E-FTE engine can deliver a massive power even though it just have a 1.3 liter cylinder engine. This tiny engine producing 133 hp (99 kW) at 6,400 rpm with 116 lb·ft (157 N·m) of torque at 4,800 rpm. So, 4E-FTE was the most powerful of the E series engines ever produced. It was produced exclusively for the Toyota Starlet GT Turbo (Japan Only) and its replacement, the Toyota Glanza V (Japan only).

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Having this kind is priceless. Toyota Starlet GT is pretty rare in Indonesia. Many Starlet owner convert its body from EP80 to EP82 and convert the engines too (2E-FE to 4E-FTE). Especially having the 2-door models. Many people may have the money, but only the lucky ones can have it. So, lucky for him, Finally he can drive his childhood dream anywhere!

Words: Wailan Rawung

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